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Gemstone IV News

An Imperial Bulletin
Posted on 09/15/2007 11:11 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Imperial Bulletin
Turamzzyrian Empire

Recent occurrences have brought it to the attention of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles that a potion originating in the Elven Nations brings disease and possible death to any who taste it. Given that open trading with individuals in the Elven Nations has allowed for this devastating potion to filter into the Empire's borders, it is hereby declared that the imported potion trade is to be discontinued until such time as a cure is discovered. Additionally, any potions that are thought to carry the disease will be destroyed.

It is also declared that all Imperial citizens with healing abilities are immediately called upon to find a cure for the disease that the potion has caused. His Imperial Majesty is fully confident in the Empire's ability to find a cure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

May the Grace of Koar find us all in these times.

Issued in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Aurmont Anodheles, Emperor of the Turamzzyrian Empire.

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