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Potions Sweep The City-States!
Posted on 09/04/2007 06:13 PM CDT by the Webstaff

~*The Elven Herald*~

Potions sweep the City-States You know you want to drink the hazy violet potion...
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 4th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Quality-enhancing potions developed by a group of enterprising aelotoi have sold in massive quantities over the past week in Ta'Nalfein, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Illistim, and the fortress city of Ta'Vaalor.

Hordes of individuals of all races report the benefits of the potions as being life-changing, swearing by the positive effects that the potions impart.

A small group of scholars in Ta'Illistim have raised a slight ruckus about the potion, however, in saying that the potion will only offer ill-effects. As there have been no sign of this being the case, the scholars appear to be mistaken.

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