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Gemstone IV News

The Kiramon Hidden in the Grass
Posted on 09/22/2007 01:36 PM CDT by the Webstaff

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Front Page News

Purple Nectar from the Kiramon!
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Feastday, Imaerasta the 22nd, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Ruination may be upon us if action is not quickly taken!

The potions that we have long blamed the aelotoi for were actually made at kiramon bidding! Kiramon, yes, kiramon, have taken control of a small population of the aelotoi. Those big kiramon bugs forced the small and weak aelotoi to make the potions, all to, for some reason, target the City-States!

We know what must be done. You know what must be done. Destroy the kiramon! Free the aelotoi! Gain back our hope!


~*The Elven Herald*~

Front Page News

Kiramon Attack, Mind Controlled Aelotoi Safe
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Feastday, Imaerasta the 22nd, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Kiramon have invaded the protected space of Ta'Illistim!

The generous city of Ta'Illistim welcomed Amallia into her arms yesterday evening. Amallia is an aelotoi who sold the potions that have inflicted so many with disease, but she has assured us that it was against her own will. She does not remember brewing the potion, nor much of anything else, though she is sure she was under kiramon influence.

As Amallia recovers under the care of the city, she has promised to disclose as much as she can remember later in the evening. After she does, citizens should be fully prepared to invade the camp where the potions were first made. Fully acknowledging and destroying the threat, and the cause, is the only way that the city can keep itself safe from future threats.

Amallia will be held, of course, for further questioning.

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