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Plans for the Cure, Plans for the Revenge
Posted on 09/19/2007 10:36 PM CDT by the Webstaff

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Scholars Plan Second Meeting, Report on Cure
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Leyan, Imaerasta the 19th, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- Scholars from Ta'Illistm who discovered the cure for the aelotoi-sold potion have announced that they believe they are close to finding a cure to the potion's adverse side effects. They are calling for a meeting on day 21 of the month of Imaerasta in the evening near the clock's time of eleven to share their theories and conclusions with the public. Due to the widespread interest in a cure from both individuals and government groups, the scholars have stated that they will meet at the Ta'Illistim Amphitheatre.


~^v^Commoner's Concerns^v^~

Seems to me a thing or two fishy's gone on round here. We got everaone running around like ridiculous, like they kobolds or something gone all mismatched in the head. Getting that cure's all good since we need it. Can't be having people sick and dying. But why we aren't going after them winged things that sold the potions is what don't make no sense. They know how to make it. Guessing they know how to cure it. Would make good sense to this old one sitting here writing. Already got orcs after us in that one place, causing people to abandon their lives, and now we got winged things feeding us something that ain't right. We all need to get together to put a plan together to find them Ael-toi and bring em in, make sure they held accounible, or whatever it is, and they pay for the crime. Make sure they know it weren't right, that they can't get away with it. If they attack us with a little potion, what's to make other kinds like the trolls or the kiramon think they can't get us worse?

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