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From City-States to Dwarven Clans
Posted on 09/14/2007 04:12 PM CDT by the Webstaff

A brief look at some articles from the Elanthian Gazette and the Heart of the City-States publication. Plus, an announcement following that is being spread by word of mouth among the dwarven clans.


~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Aelotoi Traders Gone
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 14th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Where have they gone? Where? Those aelotoi who sold the potions have run away! Did they know what they were doing? Maybe not. But they need to take the blame for it! They need to stand up and take responsibility for what they did!



~*Heart of the City-States*~

Scholars Plan Meeting, Discussion
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 14th, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- Scholars from Ta'Illistm who have been researching the seemingly adverse side-effects of the aelotoi-sold potion are calling for a meeting on day 15 of the month of Imaerasta in the evening near the clock's time of eight to discuss finding a cure. They state that due to past lack of consideration within the city limits of Ta'Illistim, they will be gathering along Sylvarraend Road, atop the boulder that is well-known in that area as supplying a breathtaking view of the city.



Dwarves of all clans:

The Krenlumtrek and Roramnoak clans report grave danger linked to a potion sold in the Elven City-States. Messages to the Elven City-States and the Giantman Clans confirm. Dwarves journeying through the City-States have fallen ill from the potion after drinking it. The ill continue to grow more ill, some almost dead.

More than several dwarves and other races passing through Zhindel Post had potions intended for trade. The potion offers great benefit to certain attributes before the disease infects.

The leaders of all of the dwarven clans are agreed that if any unknown potions come into any dwarven cities at this time, especially those that promise great benefits with no consequence, they will be immediately destroyed. Diseased dwarves will be banished from the populations, as what happened before will not happen again.

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