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Gemstone IV News

The News of the Day
Posted on 09/12/2007 12:52 AM CDT by the Webstaff

A brief look at what some publications are saying today about the recent incidents happening around the aelotoi traders and the infamous Purple Nectar.


~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Scholars Seeking Help with "Cure"
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 11th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- A report has come in that a group of individuals in Ta'Illistim is actively looking for a cure to the illness that has suddenly been caught by so many! Those same scholars that were in trouble in Ta'Illistim! These individuals are first gathering a list of what ingredients went into the potion, and they need help doing this to later find a cure!

I must be brief, but I plan to get the public more information as soon as I can! Until I do, start looking! A cure is on its way! Help is needed!


~^Today in Icemule~^

Front Page News

Today, the local government has asked us to print a warning to all Truefolk and other citizenry in the Icemule Trace region. Any potions that were bought recently from aelotoi and traded all the way into the town's borders should be thrown away or destroyed.

Skilled Brughan healers from the Khesta 'Dahl region have determined that side-effects from the potions are dangerous to Truefolk. The Brughans have dispatched runners to the Malghava community, but they have asked our help in ensuring that the Mhorgian halflings are apprised of the dangers, as well.

The Brughan healers affirm that any who have tasted of the potion need to immediately see a healer. If you feel dizzy, or if you start to stumble without reason, you may be afflicted! Finding a bed, food, and rest, is what they prescribe at this time, before you are too ill to move to safety.


~*Heart of the City-States*~

Aelotoi Traders Being Sought For Questioning
By: Ivre, Heart of the City-States Reporter

Tilamaires, Imaerasta the 11th, 5107

ELVEN CITY-STATES -- As a slight sickness spreads across the population of the City-States, it comes in tandem with the sudden disappearance of the aelotoi who originally sold the potions that are being named as the culprit. Their shops remain, though the traders themselves do not. Any news of their whereabouts is being sought by several City-State governments at this time.

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