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Nesser's Perspective
Posted on 09/26/2007 01:07 PM CDT by the Webstaff

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Nesser's Perspective
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Leyan, Imaerasta the 26th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Success!  On all fronts!  The kiramon camp is destroyed!  The cure for the potion is here!  The aelotoi are being sent back to their homes!  All is well!It was tasty, wasn't it?

Most of our readers are likely aware of the connection between our potion-selling aelotoi, the Purple Nectar, and the influence of the kiramon.  While I have done my best to bring information to the public in all avenues concerning the above, this publication was made aware that some questions are still in need of answering.

In order to accurately shed as much light on this as possible, and in order to best serve our readers, I, Nesser, have taken it upon myself to scour the city of Ta'Illistim in order to gain a better perspective on what has occurred and why the events that have come to pass ended in the way they did.  As always, I know that you will all be grateful for the assistance that I can lend!

To clarify events for some, the potion-selling aelotoi were not acting of their own accord!.  They were under the influence of a kiramon hive, a hive which for reasons unknown to many, deigned to set the aelotoi to producing and distributing the Purple Nectar, a potion I personally believe was designed to destroy the elves.  Those who saw the camp describe it as designed specifically to enslave others, a hub of rot and death, a dark cavern lacking light from the day and from hope!  They saw how the mind-controlling powers of the kiramon killed Rizbran, one of the aelotoi, in a painful and grotesque manner!

I spoke with Amallia, asking her to shed some light on everything that happened to her:

The aelotoi are free from mind control!  Yay!

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  How did you get to the camp to begin with?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  Some Elders from the city told us we could come with them and explore.  I thought it would be fun, something to do to increase my rangerly skills.  Silly me, silly me.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Did you know what you were doing?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  At first, there was only darkness.  Like my mind was wrapped in feathers.  I couldn't make sense of anything.  It was just making potions, all day and all night long.  When we finally left the camp and set out for the cities to sell the potions, I started remembering who I was.  But it was such a small part of me, the kiramon were so strong.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Why did you let it happen?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  If I could take it all back I would.  I would have stopped those Elders from recruiting from Cysaegir.  I would have done anything in my power to stop it.  But once the kiramon had me under their power, I was lost for so long.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  Could you help yourself?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  At first, not at all. It was mindless and I can barely remember what I did. We lived and breathed potions.  But later when I started to come back to myself... well, it was a long and painful process.  Those who were there with me will know, it was a fight to the finish.  But I won.

Nesser, Gazette Reporter:  How do you feel about your role in everything that has happened?
Amallia, Survivor of Trauma:  I'm so sorry for the people I hurt.  I'm sorry for the confusion and the pain.  But I'm glad I could help in the end when it was needed.  I'm glad I could bring people in to the slave camp and help free my friends.  I'm glad the kiramon suffered.  I hope they never come back.

In speaking with citizens around the city, there are mixed reactions to what has occurred.  Some express disbelief, some ignorance, and yet others, anger.  The cities of Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor have given little commentary outside of the announcement that the City-States released in regards to the cure to the Purple Nectar.

Speaking of the cure, the scholars in Ta'Illistim were officially recognized in the announcement that the City-States put forth.  Several components for the cure, namely the aelotoi tears that Nerriys, a scholar who researches moonlight and its effects, has supplied to the cities (with some help in terms of compensation from said governments), are available to the public.  Of the government's response to the entire ordeal, Nerriys quietly remarks, "I hold the highest of faith in the Ta'Illistim government and the governments of the City-States.  When presented with a true threat, they responded and did all possible to assist in finding a solution to the problem."

Some of the scholars, on the other hand, feel that they were not properly apologized to or acknowledged for their initial warnings of the Purple Nectar's effects.  Ismariel, for example, states, "I plan to go back to my other studies, but my faith in the Ta'Illistim government will forever be altered by their ignorance in the matter."  The scholars as a whole have announced their intention to return to their appointed areas of research in Ta'Illistim.  It holds that they deserve some congratulating, though -- as Ismariel observes, "Knowledge should always be revered and appreciated, even in hindsight."  How true, how true!  Know that I appreciate you, Ismariel!

The one question that remains, then, is why were the kiramon doing what they were doing?!?

You are under my control!  You are... er... hi.

Some feel that, "The kiramon has always been a species filled with hate.  And in this case, when the Elders [aelotoi] found their hive, it was just the thing to spark the plan."  Others say, "The kiramon wanted to get back at the elves for stealing their slaves in the first place.  They've held the grudge all this time!"  Yet others feel that the kiramon were simply doing what they do, and have no regard for life other than their own, that this was their opportunity to wipe Elanthia clear of what they hated, to make life bend to their will.  And yet others feel it was an accident, a mistake, and not intentional at all.

So why did the kiramon do this?

My answer to you, my dear readers, is that there is no one answer to this.  None that I, Nesser, with as much insight as I do have, am able to give you.  The mysteries of the kiramon mind are too filled with darkness for me to try and delve into.  When I think of what they did to the aelotoi, tears come to my eyes and heart!  When I think of what they almost did to the City-States, I can only sob with grief, with the tragedy of it all!  When I think of the reasons behind it all, it leaves me feeling hollow, for I can find none!

Luckily, they did not succeed.  Luckily, we are whole, left to heal together!  And with those facts in my hands, I must leave my faithful readers with the knowledge that the kiramon threat is gone for now.  We have survived this ordeal together, and we elves will continue to thrive into the future!

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