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Scholars in Court Uproar, Purple Nectar a Threat?
Posted on 09/07/2007 11:52 AM CDT by the Webstaff

~*The Elven Herald*~

Scholars in Court Uproar, Purple Nectar a Threat?
By: Petratho, Herald Reporter

Day of the Huntress, Imaerasta the 7th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- Quite a scene at the Hall of Justice yesterday!

Several Illistim scholars quickly came to the public's attention yesterday. All have thus far enjoyed successful careers in the area of researching alchemy and magic, and each of them is highly respected within the scholarly world, considering their flawless reputations and highly prized skills and discoveries.

At a private meeting with the court held yesterday at the request of these scholars, however, their reputations may have been tarnished for some time to come.

Reportedly, the scholars vehemently claim that the potions sold by the aelotoi, dubbed the "Miracle Potion", "Purple Nectar", and various other names, are a disaster waiting to happen, and that they bode ill for the elven race as a whole. When the judges present responded that the matter would be looked into, the scholars apparently become heated in their requests, and when asked to calm themselves, they "turned as red as blood in the face and started to shout threats and accusations at the judges present, as well as at Queen Myasara, for conspiring to kill their own kind," claims one bystander.

Given the serious nature of such accusations, it is no surprise that each of the scholars were being held in separate oubliettes at the Hall of Justice yesterday. They are set for release sometime today. When queried as to the short holding period, the court merely stated that the scholars were emotionally distraught but posed no real threat to the court, the Queen, or any of the citizens of Ta'Illistim.

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