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Elanthian Times Reports Oddity in the Air
Posted on 10/03/2007 05:26 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Jastatos 3rd, 5107

Across the breadth and width of Elanth, and touching upon Nations both above and below ground, a strange phenomenon has started to take place that has many baffled and confused. The peculiar instance, or instances would be a more accurate portrayal, is that of strange avian feathers appearing within the locked chests and boxes that are spread throughout the known realms. Dormant at first glance, the feathers seem to come to life and transform into an ethereal crow. Many report instances of the crow actually biting those that find them, while others report claims of the strange winged creations asking their discoverers to either "Save" or "Avenge" a hereto undiscovered "them". In point of fact, several of the crows have been spotted by large groups of people in what can only be defined as a form mass hallucination or some spectral premonition that is targeted to plead with a captivated audiences for aid, however to who or what has remained thus far undefined. Stranger still, some have reported that the ethereal beings are depositing tangible fragments of a real world journal that has no author and is equally as mysterious as the creatures delivering them.

Today reports have started that another oddity has begun with the feathers that continue to find their way into locked treasures. Indeed, while many of the feathers continue to disappear as they have for some time, an equal number seems to linger in the form of a strange quill. What do these quills do? What is the purpose of these strange crows? The crows seem to fly off to the south, are they heading to the city of Velathae as rumor would have it? Are the odd green lights near the city responsible for the avian beasts? Is this some ploy of the Merchant Consortium to create mystery and intrigue for the up coming festival? Or is it some strange marketing ploy of the Consortium to garner increased revenue for their already legendary festival?

When these questions were presented to representatives of the Merchant Consortium they were denied as out of turn and not in the nature of what the Consortium strives for. Many seemed appalled at the thought, while some few seemed a bit nervous. Only the days to come will tell us the truth of the mysteries that have found their way under lock and key.

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