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Share the Gift of Color
Posted on 10/05/2007 04:14 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Jastatos the 5th in the year 5107

Hunger and starvation are a reality for many orphans in a wide variety of cultures and the instances of these children going uncared for is not isolated to frontier towns like Wehnimer's Landing. The rise of war tragedy orphans in the Turamzzyrian Empire has been felt in towns such as Mestanir, Vornavis, Talador, and Helt, as well as in the winter north in the township of Icemule Trace. Indeed, even the dwarves of Zul Logoth and the elves of Vaalor -- where recent orcish invasions have decimated troops in their famed Ravelin, have their share of orphans.

In an effort to educate and raise money for these orphans across Elanith, the Elanthian Journal has opened its warehouse of old printing presses and donated large quantities of their faded prints to orphanages and schools. These faded newspapers can provide what the Journal is calling, "The Gift of Color." Children are being given the chance to create their own pieces of artistic work and to express themselves through art. One representative of the Journal went on record to say, "This gift is exactly the type of thing that children need. And what better time to begin this campaign than in the month of Jastatos? I would hope that the Liabo god is pleased."

When queried on how the average person can help, the Elanthian Journal went on to say that providing art supplies was only the first step. Teachers are required to help educate the children of orphanages and it is with that in mind the Elanthian Journal has decided to sell many of their old prints. "We are hoping to be able to draw on the public's desire to aid children in this radical fundraiser", a Journal representative said earlier today. Copies of the now faded print have been placed on sale alongside more current issues of the Journal in every place that the Journal is normally sold.

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