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The Disease Spreads, So Too the News
Posted on 09/13/2007 03:56 PM CDT by the Webstaff

-~#Woodland Tribune#~-

Disease Spreads Among the Forest
By: Melhia, Tribune Reporter

Niiman, Imaerastra the 13th, 5107

Whispered rumors running among the western forests have fallen way to worthy discussions between Councilors concerning a dire disease spreading within the sylvankind woods. The root of this disease is not known, though messengers have been hastily dispatched to contact communities on the eastern end of the Dragonspine. Their journey is for the purpose of determining if they, too, are diseased and where this derives from. Healers within the Fresiawn D'ahranal in countless communities are asked to work with one another in finding an healing elixir, as, so far, there is none known.

~^v^Commoner's Concerns^v^~

Seems to me a thing or two fishy's gone on round here. We got elves who got sick. We got humans who got sick. Ain't a normal thing that makes them both get sick at the same time. Even the short ones with the hair on their feet got it sick! And it weren't so normal to be drinking all that potion stuff that them wing-eyed buggy things sold. Why everyone trusted that, I sure done know. Takes a real fool, but then, we all fools about some things. I got this lady came to me today. She's asked for help, for getting all them sick ones all better. I tole her I'd be the first to help. Can't have the sick ones in our streets. Can't have the babies getting all not well. Can't have us not going to the tavern at night cause we don't feel good, cause we feel it in our bones, deep down, that something ain't right. So's I told this lady that we'd help out real good. Finding some things that went into the potion, like something that accounts for them symptoms and stuff. Gonna help this here lady by searching for the right things to make the potion. She's real smart, says that'll help her find how to cure us all. If you see her, her name's Altanya, and she's gonna need your help.

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