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Casler Huntington Alive!
Posted on 12/07/2007 03:22 PM CST by the Webstaff

The Royal Torren Press
Fairport, County of Torre
Eorgaen 9th, 5107

Casler Huntington Alive!

The name Casler Huntington is familiar to many of our readers, as the scandal of a decade ago is still often spoken of amongst the noble families of Fairport. It had been presumed that the scion of the honorable Huntingtons had been killed off the coasts of Tamzyrr in 5105, when a sudden tempest had sent Huntington and his crew to the depths of the Great Western Sea. However, reports out of River’s Rest, learned down in the dock district by captains who swear to legal practices, is that not only is Huntington alive, but he has been the center of much controversy in the small river town!

In the summer of this year, the Imperial Navy sent to River’s Rest an inspector to confirm rumors that Huntington had resurfaced. After nearly a month of work, the inspector successfully discovered the truth to Huntington’s existence during the midst of a Krolvin raid on the small town. There followed several months of failed attempts to capture the noble turned criminal and to subject him to the silk rope in Tamzyrr for crimes against the empire on the high seas and rivers. Reportedly, Huntington received much aid from the locals, which is not surprising due to the large criminal element known to make the town its home.

What followed next has been unclear at best, but after a series of events, the imperial inspector was murdered by Huntington, who remains at large. Other reports have noted a drop in illegal shipments coming and going through the small town, and there have been several murders of “river rats,” a name adopted by locals of River’s Rest, in bars and taverns along our fair city’s dock district. No suspects have been found and whispers claim a territorial war has broken out amongst criminal factions on the island. Sources at the palace on Regents Hill claim Count Claybourne has received messengers from the Imperial City that concern the matter of the murder of an imperial official.

Many believe that there is more news to come of events in River’s Rest, and by no means, has the affair of Casler Huntington ended. Due to his former status here in the fair city, the Royal Torren Press will continue to follow all events and transgressions. Undoubtedly, Huntington’s actions will draw attention to the town elsewhere, as others go forth to seek out the truth behind these events and see for themselves, if Casler Huntington, the noble turned criminal, remains alive.

The Huntingtons, particularly, Lord Camler, Master of the Wharf, refused to offer comment on his son’s apparent return. Readers will remember that Lord Camler disowned his son shortly after the scandal in 5097. Lord Camler’s second son, Camler Athworth, is the present heir of the honorable Huntington family.

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