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Sage Uthex's Studies Lead To Miracles
Posted on 12/09/2007 04:07 PM CST by the Webstaff

Sage Uthex Kalthiasas was a powerful and dangerous man, his works both feared and respected.  When fellow Sages discovered how corrupt his strange studies on the distant moon became, they realized that he must be stopped.  An expedition was led to bring to wayward, misguided Sage back to the Order so that his workings could harm none, but when they arrived upon the Broken Lands, he had slipped away.  His studies, tomes, scattered notes, and wild diagrams were confiscated and scattered among the various houses of the Order of the Lorekeepers until a time could come when their purposes could be discerned, and their ability to harm could be either exposed or destroyed.

Unfortunately, Sage Uthex did not survive long enough to share any of the knowledge that he had left half written and encoded within his studies.

Years later, half the globe apart from each other, two colleagues of the Order of the Lorekeepers began a correspondence regarding some of Sage Uthex’s work.  Knowing it only by the name Miracle, the two delved deep into his studies to try to find the promise only briefly mentioned in the Sage’s works.

Traveling from Nydds with the ritual needs close at hand, Sage Estrello journeyed through the empire and to the seaport of Solhaven.  He searched of those that would support him in his quest to obtain details of the Broken Lands and those strong enough to accomplish the ritual.

Simultaneously, his colleague Sureshi ventured forth from Atan Irith into the Elven Nations where she tried desperately to translate the final passage of one of Sage Uthex’s tomes.  In her travels she gathered lore from the locals and searched to find what information she could about the Broken Lands.

Both Sages requested the aid of all clerics that could help them, but greatly cautioned that others not alert the Sheruvians.  They explained that the Sheruvians had been hiding a secret chamber in hopes of releasing the mysterious magic for themselves, but upon finding that they couldn’t had sealed it away from all other’s use.

On the seventh day of Eorgaen, the Sages each performed the last leg of their journey and met for the first time face to face in the Landing, their volunteers gathered around them.  They spoke briefly, but hurried to the Sheruvian Monastery in the Broken Lands and wandered the area for a time searching for the proper location of the hidden chamber.  As soon as the Sheruvians discovered what their goal was, they began to attack the party at every turn.

The chambers were found, each with pools lined in hues to match the three pantheons of the Arkati--grey, black, and white.  Clerics were urged to step forward and take their place within the pools and instantly they became linked to the pools they stepped in.  The requirements were met by the three pantheons and mana was infused into the pools where it quickly spiraled to the glaes dome above.

All around the chamber, battle broke out and several rose to the occasion to help stave off the attackers.  Eventually, the magic was fed enough mana to release the spell and clerics across the globe felt a sudden deep understanding to their calling.  The joy was short lived as the magic released by the dome caused it to shatter and the chamber began to fall around the Sages and their volunteers.  Fighting their way clear of the chamber, several fell but the power of the Miracle was discovered by those clerics that were strong enough to tap into it.

Sage Sureshi was among those that fell, and when she beseeched the divine for aid they answered her by drawing her back into life.  The ritual was a success.

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