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Gemstone IV News

Wehnimer's Landing Mayor Attacked!
Posted on 06/19/2007 10:17 AM CDT by the Webstaff
While on a diplomatic visit to speak with Eldalina, yesterday evening, the mayor of Wehnimer's Landing was verbally insulted and physically attacked by a group of Terasians. Mayor Stennis had journeyed to Teras to formally apologize for the situation with Curator Ephria at the museum. Because he had not brought the museum artifacts with him, as previously demanded, Eldalina began to swear at him and encouraged the Terasians present to "drag him" back to the Glaesen Star. At one point, there were threats of throwing him into the water, forcing him to swim home.

Many of the Terasians who witnessed the meeting between Stennis and Eldalina were rude and disrespectful. It took little encouragement from Eldalina to get the Terasians actively involved in attacking the mayor. Spells were cast, insults were hurled, and Mayor Stennis was knocked to the ground more than once. Terasian citizens then physically dragged the mayor through the streets, totally disregarding his pleas for reason and proper decorum. At last, the mayor was able to scramble to his feet and quickly clambered aboard the Star, where he hid in fear for his life. Those still present on the docks, led by Eldalina, discussed direct attacks on the Landing, as well as the museum, and made various threats against the lives of both Mayor Stennis and Curator Ephria.

Upon his return to Wehnimer's Landing, Mayor Stennis issued an order that a surcharge be imposed on all citizens of Teras who attempt to come to Wehnimer's Landing. Each Terasian attempting to reach the Landing shores is to be charged 20,000 silvers. Said fee will be used to hire security for the museum and the town. In addition, the mayor will be speaking to the Merchant Guild of Wehnimer's Landing and it is rumored that he will seek additional sanctions against the dwarves of Teras for their deliberate act of aggression.

We will be watching the situation carefully and will report more news as it becomes available.

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