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Landing Museum's Fate Decided
Posted on 06/25/2007 03:14 PM CDT by the Webstaff
After a lengthy open forum last night, town leaders Eldalina and Stennis delivered their decision regarding a number of museum artifacts recently in dispute. Both officials expressed their belief that the decision was fair and in the best interests of their citizenry. Reaction to the arbitration was mixed and swift.

A large crowd had gathered in Moot Hall earlier in the evening, to voice concerns regarding the historical items. Mayor Stennis, Terasian liaison Eldalina, and Curator Ephria were accompanied by several constables as they arrived for the conference. From the start, it was evident that emotions ran high as individuals rose to address the assembly. A few notable exceptions urged the dignitaries, as well as attendees, to see reason and restore harmonious relations between Wehnimer's Landing and Teras Isle. Finally, the floor was closed to further discussion so that formal and final deliberations could begin.

When the administrative party returned to the meeting hall, the atmosphere was tense, but subdued. Ephria's anguish was as evident as Eldalina's triumph. Mayor Stennis showed little emotion as the Terasian liaison announced the details of the agreement. The majority of the artifacts from the museum's West Wing are to be returned to Teras as quickly as possible. Concessions on the part of Teras granted Wehnimer's Landing continued display of a series of seven portraits pertaining to elven history, a cracked Ashrim urn, a tattered elven banner, a portrait of Empress Selantha Anodheles, a suit of armor once worn by the empress, and a model of a camp site representing her army. Further, the Landing gained permission to commission a series of replicas of the Terasian artifacts, once they are settled in the Stormbrow museum. A final stipulation of the accord called for Ephria to be escorted to a sanitarium for a period of rest and rehabilitation, but it was announced that her position as museum curator was secure and she would soon return.

Minutes after the affair was concluded, violence erupted on the streets of Wehnimer's Landing as a few irate individuals vented their frustrations on those with opposite viewpoints. Though Eldalina and Mayor Stennis condemned the bloodshed, it seemed there was little either could do to prevent it. The local constabulary force remained busy as perpetrators were tarred and feathered, confined to the stocks, and, in at least two high profile cases, executed by hanging in the town square.

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