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Gemstone IV News

The Dragonfly Festival
Posted on 03/13/2007 09:36 AM CDT by the Webstaff

The Aelotoi of Cysaegir presents…

The Dragonfly Festival of 5107!

(April 1st - April 30th)

This a free event, open to all subscribers who choose to attend.

Dragonfly Festival Story
Ceremony of Remembrance
Dragonfly Festival Wallpaper

The beginning in a new era of freedom...

The arrival of the strange new race of beings, the aelotoi, caused intrigue and whispered murmurs among the elves of the City-States. Some felt guilt for the perceived damage caused as a result of the Kiramon Wars. Others turned their noses upwards in disgust of these deformed refuges loitering and cluttering up the pristine streets of Ta’Illistim. But the elven rulers knew more of their part in the blame for the plight of the aelotoi. By Queen’s decree, the old abandoned village of Glimae’den was to be refurbished and offered up as a new home.

The aelotoi and elves waiting patiently for the refurbishing to be completed so that the winged beings might move into a place of their own. Several long months passed, with frustration and stress almost too much to bear, but cooling heads prevented any violence from erupting. When the time finally came for the move, there was a joyous celebration on both sides.

The first convoy of aelotoi arrived at Glimae’den with elven escort, including close advisers to the Queen. Ancient trees ringed the cleared village square and the meadows beyond, creating a perfect sanctuary, and the bright sunlight made the millpond and brooks glisten like pools of diamonds. But the most breathtaking aspect of the unveiling of the new village was the multihued, ethereal cloud of the tiniest of creatures that flitted and fluttered across the glade, from cool waters to flower petals.

Thousands of dragonflies, and damselflies, covered almost every portion of the village. The colorful, iridescent and opalescent wings that sparkled like motes of diamond sand as they beat through the air, filling the village with an array of beautiful light. The aelotoi simply stopped what they were doing and stared in enraptured wonder. The elven convoy grew concerned at this perceived infestation and quickly started an attempt to shoo the creatures away.

It was then that Braedn, the leader of the aelotoi and his close friends, Mraensa, and Nadael, raised their hands to stay the elves and Braedn spoke clearly in Elven, “These creatures are, on some level, kin to us. They represent our new found freedom with their graceful movements, and their beauty shines as bright as the soul of any aelotoi. They have come here on our arrival for a reason. Perhaps they are the embodiment of our ancestor’s spirits, showing us they are with us even now, and that we will now find peace and bliss in this new home.”

The elves simply watched as the three aelotoi moved towards the dragonflies and twitched their wings, causing a slight shimmer of light beneath the forest canopy. Soon, Braedn, Mraensa and Nadael were surrounded by a cloud of dragonflies and damselflies, and each of them smiled widely. Braedn looked towards the elven convoy and gently spoke, "We graciously accept this new home you offer us with these new friends and forevermore it shall be called Cysaegir... Sanctuary." Mraensa lifted her head up towards the sky and fluttered her wings rapidly. There, she hovered slightly off the ground for the briefest moment; her arm extended out to greet a small dragonfly that alighted on the tips of her fingers.

From then on, whenever the colorful creatures visit their village, the aelotoi held a grand month-long celebration called the Dragonfly Festival. Some say that it is a simple annual migration pattern that brings the creatures, generally in the spring around Olaesta. Others insist it is the aelotoi ancestors welcoming them each year to the freedom they so longingly desired.

 The Ceremony of Remembrance Quest

For many aelotoi, life upon their home world was harsh and cruel. What joy they found was often robbed of them immediately, and punishment quickly ensued. Fearful of their cruel Overlords, the kiramon, the aelotoi created many traditions that were passed by word of mouth through the generations.

The Ceremony of Remembrance is one such tradition.

The aelotoi’s love of colors and flowers is well known; however, in their days of servitude, this love was destroyed and greeted with severe punishment. Unwilling to do anything to draw the eyes of their Overlords, the aelotoi began to secret away flowers that could still be found on the torn world. At night, the Elders would collect the flowers and bring them to the tiny cook fires that they were allowed to huddle around. Each member of the group would whisper, as soft as can be so that the Overlords did not hear them, the name of an ancestor that had passed beyond. As the names were shared, the Elders would drop a flower into the fire. This was a sign of respect to those who have passed before them, and a gesture of sending the flowers on to their ancestors, so they may enjoy them in the place beyond in peace and freedom.

At the Dragonfly Festival, Assistant Eyaeno will ask those who attend, and are willing, to go out on a quest around the world for the Ceremony of Remembrance. The ceremony will be performed near the ending days of the festival. In exchange for services provided to anyone who participates, and completes the quest, Eyaeno will give the person a gift.  The gift is a cherished treasure that is often only given to aelotoi who venture out from Cysaegir, so they may find the solace of home at the beat of iridescent wings.


A host of aelotoi and elven merchants will be attending the Dragonfly festival, working on the wares they’ve brought, or those brought with attendees. Some of the known attending merchants are:


... and many more!

In addition to the above, you’ll find custom merchant work, feature alterations, and animal companion grooming.


The aelotoi merchants, along with elven proprietors, have opened up numerous shops with unique purchases for the special occasion. Browse through dozens of wonderful items made special for the Dragonfly Festival. Some of those shops include:

A Bug's Life
A Sight Unseen
A Small Perspective
Ayleano's Stall
Burl and Whorl
Chaischa's Confections
Colorful Silk-Covered Tent
Damsels and Dragons
Dragonfly Kisses
Finola's Finery
Heraldry Shop
Ipsy's Little Platform
Kirshor's Keepsakes
Leather and Silk
Piercing Cries
Pressing Matters
Shades of Spring
Silken Limbs
Stars of Sylvarraend
The Broken Wand
The Wrap Around
Treetop Sanctuary
Wine and Dine
Winged Wardrobe

... and many more!


Don’t forget to get your copy of the official Dragonfly Festival wallpaper (created by Simutronics Artist Ryan Bowlin)! That can be found here.

Simutronics Corporation

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