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Gemstone IV News

Closer to the Gods
Posted on 04/01/2008 05:08 PM CDT by the Webstaff
The Cleric spell Prayer of Communion (330) has received some updates:

- The COMMUNE verb has been introduced to allow a Cleric to choose to which deity they will be communing. Usage is COMMUNE {deity name|deity number}. COMMUNE LIST will provide a list of all gods to which one can commune. PREP/CAST and INCANT may still be used, but they will default to targeting the god to which the Cleric is CONVERTed.

- Previously, targeting an item with Prayer of Communion resulted in a bonus to success. This was, in spirit, meant to be used as a bonus for casting at holy symbols, however, it was applied to all items. Thus, this bonus has been removed and replaced with more appropriate modifiers.

- A Cleric communing to the god they are CONVERTed to will receive a bonus to success. Communing to a god in the same pantheon as the Cleric's god yields a smaller bonus and communing to a god in a different pantheon than the Cleric's patron will result in a penalty to success.

- A Cleric communing to a god in a shrine dedicated to that god receives a bonus to success.

- Training in Spiritual Lore, Religion now adds 2% per seed 6 summation of lore ranks to the success rate for Prayer of Communion.

- As before, overuse of the Prayer of Communion spell (i.e. frequent use within a short time period) can result in detrimental effects to the caster. These effects have been increased in magnitude a bit, as many previous effects were simply curses which could be removed with Remove Curse (315). A slight increase to failure rate has been introduced in the case of overuse. Overuse of the spell will be plainly indicated via messaging.

The new spell description can be found here:

This release is accompanied by a timely new guide to roleplaying a Commune, available here:

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