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Landing Diplomatic Visit Turns Ugly!
Posted on 06/10/2007 02:48 PM CDT by the Webstaff
A diplomatic visit and tour, hosted by Mayor Stennis for Eldalina of Teras Isle, turned ugly in Wehnimer's Landing today. The initial pleasantries and harmonious atmosphere of the visit were shattered when Eldalina formally requested the return of artifacts on loan to the Wehnimer's Museum. Mayor Stennis was obviously distressed, while the museum's curator, Ephria, was outraged. Insults flew between the two women, soon turning to fisticuffs. Both the mayor and his honor guard were injured in their attempts to separate the combative females.

At first, the visit was quite peaceful, with Mayor Stennis guiding diplomatic liaison Eldalina around town. Honor Guard Cyrdangeer, an Issimir giantman here as a volunteer member of the Wehnimer's Landing constabulary force, was on hand for their protection. So efficient was he in his duties that one of the citizens was forcefully wrestled to the ground and arrested for an outstanding warrant.

The cordial event turned even more friendly after a brief stop at Helga's pub. Several citizens were on hand to pay their respects to both dignitaries. One generous lady went so far as to lend silvers to the mayor for the purchase of refreshments.

Once the party reached the Wehnimer's Museum, however, the mood quickly changed. Eldalina's formal request for return of the items on loan from Stormbrow Museum led to embarrassment on the part of the mayor and outrage from the museum's curator, Ephria. Emotions ran high as verbal insults soon gave way to kicks, hair pulling, biting, and punching. Mayor Stennis and Honor Guard Cyrdangeer were hard put to separate the two. Eventually, Ephria was physically dragged away and the mayor's party quickly left the scene.

At the docks, Mayor Stennis and Eldalina agreed to meet in one week's time to discuss the details of the arrangements. While the mayor seemed hopeful of compromise, Eldalina appeared steadfast in her position that all items be returned immediately.

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