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Gemstone IV News

Inquisition of an Inquisitor
Posted on 06/05/2007 08:09 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Word from the Imperial Court this evening states that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, has agreed to review the new evidence brought forward today by The Honorable Salnim Malwind--against the advice of the imperial inquisitors--and would hear out the explanation told by the embattled Baron's son. His Imperial Majesty states that in order for justice to be served honorably, and within the confines of imperial law, all evidence must be exhausted before a ruling should even remotely be considered.

Further, His Imperial Majesty has sent out a written request for former Inquisitor Wurmth Murluth to appear before the Imperial Court this evening, and to offer his services to the Empire once more. Former Inquisitor Wurmth will be expected to question both Salnim Malwind and Inquisitor Usyian Denturei regarding this recent twist in what was considered by court-confidants as an easy inquisition. It should be noted that former Inquisitor Wurmth Murluth came under scrutiny in the last year of his service to the Empire before retirement for what some considered questionable tactics during questioning, but he held an impeccable record throughout all his years of discovering truth and facts.

There are also rumors that the widow of former Imperial Blades guard Terrune Metharnonne' is expected to arrive within Tamzyrr to the Imperial Court later this evening. If this is indeed true, she may also be facing a visit with the former Inquisitor.

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