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Gemstone IV News

Celebrations Spread Across Turamzzyrian Empire
Posted on 06/01/2007 07:30 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Celebrations stretched across the Turamzzyrian Empire yesterday with the investiture ceremony of Baroness Delphinuria Hochstib. Upon receiving the baronial coronet, Baroness Hochstib of Jantalar has assumed all rights and legal holdings of her deceased brother, Baron Lerep Hochstib. In her speech to the people of Jantalar, Her Excellency espoused a positive attitude, and announced Jantalar's venture into a new era of imperial excellence and commonality.

In the newly re-established Barony of Mestanir, citizens were overjoyed with the news that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, has picked a Baron to lead Mestanir to future prosperity. The investiture ceremony took place in Tamzyrr itself shortly after Emperor Anodheles revealed his appointee, Lord Seurdyn Chydenar.

Seurdyn Moraughton Chydenar was born on the 5th of Eoanatos, 5070 in the South Hendoran city of Waterford. His parents, Tydaen Chydenar and Delinea Moraughton, are still alive and living within his birth city. Seurdyn became interested in the arcane arts in the early years of his life, and was sent to Nydds to attend studies in the Hall of Mages. He aspired to be a member of the Imperial Drakes, and became an apprentice to one of its members for a short period of time. As he reached his adult life, his interest shifted slightly and he joined Chantry College, where he became a close confidant of the future Emperor Anodheles.

After he graduated from Chantry College, Seurdyn left his home barony and moved to the city of Mestanir--then under Jantalarian control. There, Seurdyn became involved with local politics and other organizations. Rumors suggest he became involved with an underground hedgewizard group and led several attacks against the Mandis Crystal, but no proof of this has surfaced. He also met a woman by the name of Sionwryn Nesbithe, a daughter of a prominent hedgewizard family. Shortly after the Jantalarian army was pushed from Mestanir, Sionwryn's exiled family was able to return, and Seurdyn asked her father for her hand in marriage.

Baron Chydenar of Mestanir spoke at his investiture ceremony of a new time for the Mestanir people. And while he understood the past of Mestanir, he stated that in order for it to grow, and be prosperous and unified with the empire, the time of secret spellcasting must come to an end. His Excellency is expected to ease the spellcasting community into the registration of the Hall of Mages, and, with the aide of Lady Sionwryn and her family, he is predicted to be successful.

Other news from Tamzyrr, the Imperial Inquisitors have finally returned home from their venture out into the empire. Their arrival was delayed due to treacherous weather on the main paths. The inquisitors are expected to draft their final report regarding the embattled Baron Malwind of Vornavis and hand it over to the Emperor within a few days.

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