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Controversy Erupts in the Imperial Court
Posted on 06/05/2007 01:37 PM CDT by the Webstaff
The Imperial Court opened this Tilamaires morning, and everyone in attendance waited in anticipation for what was expected to be the final decree regarding the assassination of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, and the fate of Baron Malwind of Vornavis.

The usual, and almost mundane, business commenced during the first several hours of open court, but as the morning went on, a messenger was announced as having just arrived--bringing news directly from Vornavis. His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles, bade greeting to the messenger and asked him to come forward to share the news. Almost seeming reluctant, the messenger--whose name was announced as Thorian--stated he did not come alone, nor was it his place to share. A dull whisper rose from those within the court, and the Emperor, calmly though pointedly, asked whose place it was. It was at this time that a figure, enshrouded in a dark cloak, stepped forward and stated that right belonged to him.

The dull whisper turned into a low chatter that raced across the court, and Emperor Anodheles looked slightly annoyed and raised his hand. The chatter in the room ceased immediately, and Emperor Anodheles asked for the figure's name. In a deft-movement, the figure unclasped his cloak and removed it, revealing it to be none other than The Honorable Salnim Malwind! Someone let out a loud gasp, clearly heard by everyone in the room, and Emperor Anodheles stood from the sun throne, along with everyone else--including all of the imperial inquisitors--that were gathered nearby.

Taking Thorian's messanger bag in his hand, and talking in a clear voice, The Honorable Salnim Malwind spoke to the court, "Your Imperial Majesty," he paused long enough to bow, "Today I bring to you a great gift from which you can bestow justice to the people of the Turamzzyrian Empire, and especially to the citizens of Vornavis. It is in this simple bag that I hold the answer to the question that so many have found themselves at odds on this past month."

Again, the room broke out in a loud chatter that quickly came to an end as Emperor Anodheles raised his hand. Lord Malwind continued, "The night the baronial castle of Vornavis was set aflame, I escaped with the aide of my father's personal guard Captain, Gurbah, and have remained hidden until recently. It was that night that I learned that something foul was on the winds and that I needed come to my father's aide--because not only did the fire burn simple baronial records, and future knighting appointments, but it also burned records regarding the incidents around the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles."

Salnim Malwind didn't wait this time for Emperor Anodheles to quiet the loud chatter, and chose to speak over the voices around him, "Your Imperial Majesty, it is my belief that my father, Baron Malwind of Vornavis, is being framed for the death of the Empress. I have in my possession evidence that will back this, and point clearly to the person who is at the heart of the conspiracy. If it would please Your Imperial Majesty, I would request that you review what I bring alone, and listen to what I have discovered."

The chatter continued unfaltering until the Emperor raised his hand once more, and spoke, "Honorable Malwind, why do you request it be reviewed alone? My inquisitors have been seeking evidence, and if what you state is true, it is them who should review the contents of that bag and add it to their report." But Salnim Malwind simply shook his head and looked towards the floor; his voice was soft at first, but it rose as he went on, "Your Imperial Majesty, I request you review it alone because the evidence will clearly show that the one who was behind the death of the Empress, and the framing of my father, is none other than Inquisitor Usyian Denturei."

The imperial court erupted in a whirl of noise; Inquisitor Usyian quickly pointed at Salnim, shouting, "How DARE you...", but the rest of his statement was lost in the endless cacophony from those attending the court. His Imperial Majesty Emperor Aurmont Anodheles quickly called for silence and attention. It was then that he demanded everyone leave the room, all except for Inquisitor Usyian Denturei and The Honorable Salnim Malwind.

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