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Gemstone IV News

The Ravelin Is Abandoned!
Posted on 08/17/2007 03:05 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Tendrils of sunlight slip across the horizon and illuminate the landscape, its warm fingers dispelling the pre-dawn mist and ushering it back into the Misty Deep River. The dawn chorus begins its sweet song and the soldiers of the Ravelin change shifts with little to nothing to report. Another normal night has transitioned into another normal morning.

Hours pass and the day progresses as it always has in the small fort. The mess hall clears out, and the night's guards head to their bunks for their much deserved rest.

As the fort settles into its normal routine strange popping sounds can be heard within the stone walls of the Ravelin followed by grunts and snorts. Massive orcs, larger than anything seen in the Neartofar Forest, emerge from various rooms within the sprawling fort--their swords steeped in blood. They attack from within and slowly overpower the surprised Vaalorian guards, their numbers simply two massive to resist them.

Hours pass and the orcs begin to make their way through the community that surrounds the Ravelin. They take what they can and destroy the rest.

A strange, gnarled orc moves amongst the much larger creatures. They respectfully defer to him as he passes and follow his every command. He stands before several survivors of the morning's raid and crouches low to speak to them, his black robes pooling around his bulbous feet.

"Tell them," he says in perfect common, "That the Ravelin is mine now and that I claim it for the Orcs. Now go."

Standing, he turns away from the elves and begins to incant a spell. The orcs around him ignore the elves in favor of watching the robed orc.

Not wasting any time, the elves collect themselves and begin to run towards Vaalor as quickly as their bruised bodies will allow them. One man turns back, his features set in a mask of hatred, and watches as hundreds of orcs pour through a shimmering blue portal. He watches for a short time, counting their numbers as quickly as he can, and then he too abandons the Ravelin.

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