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Gemstone IV News

Reports from the Ravelin
Posted on 08/12/2007 01:02 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Creeping slowly from day to evening, dusk canopies the landscape in hues of plum, rose, and tangerine. Standing at his post, a Vaalorian guard turns his head to watch the sun sink as it has done every day of his fifty years of service. The horizon ripples one last time and the dieing day is done.

Something about the end of this day, ending much as it has before, nags at the back of the guard's mind. He strains his senses to resolve the riddle and listens intently to the clues he can gain from the encroaching evening. Only the Misty Deep River and its nearby waterfall respond, the sound of the waters passage ever present and eternal.

Suddenly, the guard realizes that he can only hear the river. Gone are the crickets, cicada, and birds of the evening chorus. Resting his hand upon his sheathed sword he watches the tree line and freezes all other movement, his body alert.

Behind him, others make the same observation and they too turn statuesque in anticipation.

Cries from the small community that has risen around the Ravelin draw their attention and they move as one towards the chaotic sounds.

Orcs! This far North? The guard thinks to himself. What could they possible want here?

Later that night, when order is returned to the Ravelin, the guard will write his report of how two dozen oddly courageous orcs wearing strange amulets brazenly attempted to claim the Ravelin for their own.

At dawn another attempt will be made, and other soldiers and guards will notice that the eastern, southern, and northern approaches have far more orcs than is typical.

News will be sent to the King.

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