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Gemstone IV News

Potions? Potions! Potions?!?
Posted on 08/28/2007 08:45 PM CDT by the Webstaff

~*The Elanthian Gazette*~

Potions? Potions! Potions?!? The hazy violet potion seems tempting...
By: Nesser, Gazette Reporter

Tilamaires, Phoenatos the 28th, 5107

TA'ILLISTIM -- The newest craze to hit the streets is a potion that is said to boost certain personal qualities! These potions are available only in a few wagons in Ta'Illistim, Ta'Loenthra, Ta'Nalfein, and Ta'Vaalor.

If you're a Sorcerer, watch your wisdom and aura soar to new heights! A warrior, you say? Well, how about a way to easily increase your strength and constitution! And for you bards, your influence and aura will surely change, as well.  There's something for everyone, but they're selling faster than the eye can keep up with!

If you haven't gotten your potion today, get it now, before it's all gone!

Simutronics Corporation

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