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Gemstone IV News

Neartofar Activity
Posted on 08/05/2007 06:21 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Moving fluidly through the Fearling Pass, the runner uses easy strides to bring him within sight of the Fortress City. Merchants and commoners move in and out of the city on their daily errands, and the runner observes the daily activity with a casual gaze. The elves that he passes nod to him in greeting, and move off the beaten path to give him room. He nods in return and smiles at their curteousy.

His steady gait carries him through the Amaranth Gate where he pauses briefly to open his cylindrical case and retrieves a missive from its depths. With a stiff salute, he passes a missive to the guard, who immediately stiffens as he reads the tidy script, and then dashes off to headquarters.

As he moves through the bustling city he notices other runners - their uniforms slightly different - making their way on the same path as he. He notes Neartofar runners, cemetery runners, Misty Deep runners, and also notes the absence of the Victory Gate runner.

Move slowly through the gates of Headquarters he begins to pass his missive to the Lieutenant and watches as other runners do the same. The Lieutenant waves them all to the mess for drinks, but bids them to come quickly back as he will shortly have missives to return to the various outposts they have trickled in from.

They move off and casually converse. All of them have come with the same message.

The Neartofar orcs are on the move.

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