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Gemstone IV News

A Neartofar Orc
Posted on 08/05/2007 06:19 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Crawling from his barrow, the massive orc blinked in the sunlight of a new day. Soon, he knew, the ogres would be tearing through the forest that surrounded them and complete another raid upon the barrow and its denizens. The orc grunted in disgust and moved to the nearest tree.

Once at the top of the tree, the scout searched the horizon. Today the waking was a different one, and a sense of purpose filled the scout. He didn't understand what the Elder had been speaking of, but he understood the raw urgency in the Elder's need. He gazed out upon a sea of leaves that swayed like the rippling of the waters of the Misty Deep in a storm.

The orc saw the ogres as they made their way through the forest, but his eyes quickly left them behind and continued searching. There in the distance he saw the small military outpost that the Elder had spoken of. He remembered it because the elder had told him of it repeatedly and had made him repeat the details back until his recitation was flawless.

Built into the curve of the river, downstream from the large, glassy pool, was the small village. Scrambling down the tree, the orc ducked into the barrows moments before the ogres broke into the clearing. He would report to the elder what he had seen of the small fort and its surrounding buildings.

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