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Gemstone IV News

Battle for the Ravelin
Posted on 08/20/2007 09:56 PM CDT by the Webstaff
Four days and nights of constant invasion have been led against the mysterious force of orcs that laid claim to the Ravelin, which is located north of Ta'Vaalor off of Fearling Pass and upon the Mistydeep River. During that time reports flooded the city of the peculiarly strong barricades, which seemed to track those that attempted to tamper with it. Major injury was caused to those near it, some utterly fatal, as the barrier was reported to send waves of energy both into the ground and sky; many times calling lightning to do its bidding.

Mages led by Lieutenant Atharin, and supported by citizens of Ta'Vaalor, attacked the first barricade set within the steppes of the Ravelin where a small town has formed. During the initial phase of magic used to bring down the barricade several Vaalorian mages, those of lower rank within the corps and a handful of the elders, were injured from the magical backlash, however none were permanently harmed. The barricade's magic was weakened enough to allow soldiers, and willing citizens, a chance to batter it down. While the attack was successful, the orcs within the area rose up in greater numbers and continued to attack those attempting to reclaim the Ravelin well into the night.

Upon the secondary steppe, within an area named the Wyvern Plaza, a second barricade resonated oddly and was unable to be brought down. Lieutenant Atharin was reported to have headed to Illistim to do research on the information he was able to glean from his brief study of the offending piece's magic.

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