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Gemstone IV News

Alchemy: Uncork the Experience!
Posted on 08/31/2007 07:30 PM CDT by the Webstaff

Uncork the Experience!

The professional guilds representing the pure magic-using adventurers of Elanthia are proud to announce the addition of Alchemy-related studies to all affiliated guild halls, in an unprecedented joint venture in the pursuit of knowledge and skill.

At last!  Now they will never laugh at me again!

Get your official Alchemy wallpaper here!

Adventurers of the cleric, empath, sorcerer, and wizard professions are encouraged to seek out their respective guild masters to join the guild, if they have not already, and begin their studies of the various processes and reagents of Alchemy.  With the skills of Alchemy, adventurers can potentially create a wide variety of beneficial potions, wands, amulets and similar items through the mixture of reagents and application of magical processes.

Alchemy consists of three separate areas of focus, each represented by one of three guild skills.

The first of these, the General Alchemy skill, which is required to advance further in the two accompanying skills, forms the foundation for one's understanding of Alchemy.  Training in this aspect focuses primarily on the processes of the art, teaching only a basic set of common recipes.

The others, referred to as the Potions and Trinkets skills, delve further into the mysteries of Alchemy, focusing on study of particular recipes, including those unique to particular professions.  Progress in training these two skills is limited by one's training in, and understanding of, General Alchemy.  What this means is that one's rank in general alchemy must meet or exceed the rank being trained in either potions or trinkets skills.

Training Administrators overseeing training of guild skills within each guild hall handle the assignment and completion of training tasks.  Simply ASK them about training to get started.

Necessary equipment and some basic ingredients should be available for purchase in the alchemy supply shops, located in the guild halls.  These include cauldrons, mortar and pestle sets, recipe books and some basic solutions required by most recipes.  Each guild hall should also provide access to a set of workshops containing less-often used equipment that is occasionally required for more complex solutions.

Finally, the ALCHEMY verb will give you your first clue on what you need to do.

Bubbling brews and shimmering potions await those who master the intricacies of Alchemy...

Simutronics Corporation

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