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Gemstone IV News

Urgent Bulletin!
Posted on 08/30/2007 10:50 AM CDT by the Webstaff

~*Heart of the City-States*~

Urgent Bulletin!

Two gnomes are currently missing. They are described as followed: Have you seen our friends?

Name: Burs
Description: Silver-tufted grey hair, blue-black eyes, and has an aged appearance.

Name: Eriot
Description: Silver-tufted auburn hair, blue-black eyes, and has a somewhat aged appearance.

Both are of the Rosengift bloodline.

Due to the volatile activity that occurred at Ravelin over the past few weeks, there is concern that the gnomes were waylaid at some point on their way home, as several Aelotoi traders in Ta'Vaalor claim to have last seen them alive after meeting with them for economic reasons. Given the mysterious circumstances of the disappearance, search parties will be sent out to locate the missing gnomes.

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