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Gemstone IV News

Vaalorian Mage Corps Leads Ravelin Assault!
Posted on 08/24/2007 06:42 PM CDT by the Webstaff
After days study in the Library of Aies in Illistim, Lieutenant Atharin gathered the Vaalorian Mage Corps for an assault on the barricades within the Ravelin. Citizens and Mages alike gathered within the steppes and repelled wave after wave of attack, while those with more power began to call upon the four elements to destroy the magic surrounding the odd structure. At one point, the barricade seemed to have a mind of its own and started to strike out at those near it, causing many Mages to be evacuated by the diligent Medics of the Vaalorian Army.

A great wind was summoned, and a driving rain beat heavily upon the defenders as it was focused on the magic that enshrouded the barricade. In time, the oak was saturated and its power to resist was undone. Quickly, the citizens of Ta'Vaalor brought it down only to find a second wave of the occupying forces behind yet another barricade. This one proved stronger still, powered directly by the Orc Elder spoken of by Dallos earlier.

Lieutenant Atharin's lineage served him well that day, allowing him to best the Elder's magicks and rend the second barricade asunder. In mere moments, the Army, militia, and citizens of Ta'Vaalor stood before a third barricade where they sighted the Elder Orc himself. Surrounded by his vast army of occupation, he hurled bolt after bolt of lightning down upon the heads of the brave defenders.

As the night lengthened, Lornon rose, casting ghastly shadows upon the battle. The Elves, weakened by dark magicks shrouding the barricade, were forced to withdraw. The Lieutenant gave the order, confident that a way to prevail would be found in the morning. It is to be noted that the withdrawing defenders endured the macabre scene of hordes of woodland animals impaling themselves on the dark oaken barricade.

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