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Gemstone IV News

Fifth Tier Added to Cleric Spell Holy Receptacle
Posted on 01/22/2007 01:52 PM CST by the Webstaff

This spell imbues a gem with the ability to convert another player to the Cleric's deity. Once created, the Cleric WAVEs the gem at the person they wish to convert while chanting an intercession on their behalf. That player becomes attuned to the gem. The player then needs to be given the gem so they may continue the ritual. Once the player feels they are worthy to begin making sacrifices to the deity, the player RUBs the gem. The gem will shatter and a coffer should appear, ready to accept silver offerings (via the PUT # SILVERS/COINS IN MY COFFER command). Once a sufficient (and substantial) offering has been placed within the coffer, the player should then bring the coffer to a shrine of the deity and OFFER the coffer to the deity to complete the ritual.

Players may convert to deities within the same pantheon (Liabo, Lornon and Neutral) as the deity of the Cleric if the player has two other sufficiently powerful Clerics of the same pantheon cast Holy Receptacle at the gem.

Requirements: Blessing Lore 50 skill/10 ranks, Religion Lore 120 skill/30 ranks, and Gem Value >=4001.


Thanks to GM Oscuro for the new features.  Talk about it on the forums.

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