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Gemstone IV News

Rumor Woods, Rings of Lumnis, and Updates, Oh my!
Posted on 05/03/2024 08:16 PM CDT by Webstaff

Not on Discord?  Don't have the player wiki bookmarked?  Have no fear, we've got a recap of everything that is happening for you right here!

Rumor Woods ends on May 5th!  This area also provides access to the customizations at Summit Academy.

Rings of Lumnis was opened by request and will remain open until May 8th!  This provides access to the Needle of Pentas and Agora Promenade on the Isle of Ornath.

You can use your sunmarkers for entry into the Trials of Lumnis on Ornath.  Your old scholar cards will work as well.

Here's some additional information about Rumor Woods:

Titles: Jousting Titles

New Mounts: Mechanical Mounts

New Hall at Sumit Academy: Elenesse Atelier

Aged Jouster Marker Exchange: Visit the aged jouster and exchange your markers for instant raikhen and experience.  

Randomize Player Selection:  Claim a Tourney Vault in the Simucoin Store and build your own mech spinner.


Additional Notes and Updates!

  • Custom Urchin Guide Messaging has been posted!
  • Follow the Storyline at Rumor Woods by Visiting: Laboratory Lamentations
  • Gnomish Nail Press updates!
  • Mounts should now be able to safely cross icy trails without slipping so much.  They may still slip some, but definitely not like they did before.
  • The auto-flarer how to add flares to Animalistic Shields, Armor, and Weapons.  It will not work on the headdress.
  • Briar and Dwarffest Shield scripts have been allowed at the auto-flarer.
  • Permifier arrives at Rumor Woods!
  • Vintage Visions opens, and for the first time allows private property slips to be used in Lofts & Stalls
  • Deck the Halls, Yll'suta, Shop Stalls, and Etheareal Teapots updated to be used in lofts & stalls.
  • Beetle Rare Ability, Mechanical Flowers, updated to be transformed into Weaving Items.

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