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Gemstone IV News

[Rumor Woods] New Mounts!
Posted on 04/17/2024 07:38 PM CDT by Webstaff

This year at Rumor Woods mechanized wonders wander through the fairgrounds.


Common: wolf spider, velvet spider

Uncommon: birdeater, huntsman, tarantula

Rare: orbweaver

You see a mechanical metal wolf spider.

Powered by intricate clockwork mechanisms covered by a carapace of <mechanical> <steel> plates, the spider is comprised of gears, levers, and cogs carefully crafted to move the arachnid about on eight articulated legs.  A steam gauge is mounted beneath the hollow mechanical abdomen amidst a series of discreetly placed release valves with <steel> fittings.  At the rear, spigot-tipped spinnerets produce silky, gossamer threads for web-making.  Mechanical vice-like jaws open to reveal <curved> fangs, while two rows of orbicular <black onyx> eyes glitter atop a smooth cephalothorax.

  • Uncommon and Rare spiders can have their eyes changed by nudging a gemstone into them.
  • Rare Ability: The spider has a rare ability to spin yarn, but not any yarn.  This yarn comes in metallic-hues.


Common: Dragonspine beetle, giraffe stag beetle

Uncommon: longhorn beetle, elephant beetle, goliath beetle

Rare: rhinoceros beetle

You see a mechanical metal Dragonspine beetle.

Large and solid, the beetle is comprised of a wide variety of gears, screws, and pistons.  Six legs, two forward and four at the back, support the <mechanical> carapace that is made up of <solid> <metal> covered in <sable-streaked crimson> <whorls>.  Compound eyes rest above its large mandible, each ommatidium fashioned of <a faceted nacreous blue waterweb>, and <short> antennae wiggle and rotate as they interrogate their surroundings cautiously.  Peeking from beneath the <smooth> <steel> elytra is folded <translucent> sailcloth that is used as its hind wings.

  • The ostler will allow you to change a beetle into a scarab.
  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare beetles can have their eyes changed by nudging a gemstone into them.
  • Uncommon and Rare beetles can have their carapace design color changed with dye.
  • Rare Ability: The beetle has a rare ability where it will create a mechanical flower.

Ostler Notes for Mechanical Mounts

  • Anything in the LOOK above that is inside <> means the ostler can change it.
  • The ostler can also change your mount to a neutral gender for the beetle or spider only.

Donkey & Mule & Zebras

A new equestrian type is being added this time around.  The mule and the donkey and the zebra join the team of animals in the Rumor Woods stables.  These animals bray and plod.

  • The Ostler has limited ability to change their features.

Simutronics Corporation

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