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Gemstone IV News

[Rumor Woods] Merited Metals
Posted on 04/13/2024 10:43 PM CDT by Webstaff

The “I Dream of Geology” series is expanding once again with a new unlock for even more jewelry.  This new tier 4 will provide the following new jewelry: chatelaine, back pendant, ring, band

Chatelaine Articles

1.  a cameo-nestled    4.  a cloisonne-set    7.  a filigree-set    10.  a long-chained

2.  a chain-looped       5.  a cresentic            8.  a fob-affixed    11.  a seven-chained

3.  a clockwork-set      6.  a demilune            9.  a gilt-foiled      12.  a silk-pocketed

Chatelaine Designs

several strands of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone plural noun> draped from <article> <adj> chatelaine

<article> <adj> chatelaine radiating from <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> chatelaine suspending diminutive <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> keys

<article> <adj> chatelaine suspending <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>-topped instruments

<article> chatelaine draped in <gemstone noun>-linked <adj> chains

<article> chatelaine weighted by <adj>-fused <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> cogs

Back Pendant Articles

1.  an avian-carved   4.  a fan-shaped       7.  a geometrical        10. a ribbonlike

2.  a birdcage-set      5.  a filamentous      8.  a glass-paneled    11. a sinuous

3.  a blossom-like     6.  a floral-wrought  9.  a jar-shaped          12. a wing-framed

Back Pendant Designs

<article> <adj> pendant silhouetted by <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>-leafed botanicals

<article> <adj> pendant weighted by a tassel of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> beads

<article> back pendant falling from pewter-chained <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> feathers

<article> back pendant of <adj> revealing <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> pendant cradled by curling <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> leaves

<article> <adj> pendant nestled in a bouquet of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> florals

Ring/Band Articles

1.  a branch-carved     4.  a cog-fused            7.  an ivy-etched       10.  a serpentine

2.  a bark-finished       5.  a damascened      8.  a latticed              11.  a sunburst-set

3.  a braided                6.  a feathered             9.  a rope-crafted      12.  a wing-wrought

Ring/Band Designs

<article> <adj> band ensnaring <gemstone article> <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> band extending into rays of <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

<article> <adj> band laden with tiny <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> blossoms

a <metal> wire-tangled band interspersed in <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun> clockwork

<article> band of <adj> engulfing <gemstone adj.> <gemstone noun>

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