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Gemstone IV News

Duskruin Arena Opens Tonight at 9:00 PM
Posted on 02/16/2024 02:14 PM CST by Webstaff

Duskruin is just about here, and with it heralds a few changes!  Some changes will be live in February and some will be waiting until August.  I plan to talk about the projects I'm working all here in this thread for the year.  Keep in mind, there are more staff members working the event than just me, so I'm just talking about the projects I'm lead on.  This doesn't represent Duskruin as a whole.

The arena will feature a new boss that will randomly come around, an immense clockwork golem.  It will take the place of an automaton should you get one to spawn in.  The automatons will also spawn, but only one or the other will happen per entry.  Like the automaton, the golem will have a special drop which I'll explain in a bit.  Endless will feature them, so it's a good way to try to get one to spawn as bosses have a higher chance to happen after round 25.

The way caches spawn has changed a bit.  The will have a bigger range in which they can be found, but the ceiling has been lowered.  This means they should be seen a little more frequently.  The announcement that comes after a cache is found will go to a queue and fire off at some point randomly after one is found.  Golem parts are added in as a rare drop in the sewers as well and will take the place of a bloodrune stone for that search attempt.  Bloodrunes will still drop, and we will be featuring a legendary bloodrune (more on this in another post).


Both GIFTBOX and EVENT BOX will be retired this run. 


And we will have CLAIM!  The system will go live with a trial run in Platinum first that is outside of the Duskruin offerings!  More on CLAIM will be announcement shortly in a separate post, but some changes are coming alongside it.  CLAIM has a GIFT and EVENT option, we will be offering 2 of each this run of Duskruin.  Once in February and once in March.  The EVENT option will cost silver.  Both will contain a 25-entry booklet that can be used with the NPC.  The price will be scaled to 25-entries vs 12-entries, so this EVENT option will be a little more expensive, but it will be the same in scope.  The booklets will not be attuned, so they can be traded with other players just like before.  We will continue to monitor to see what we can do there.

That means this run of Duskruin will have a 25-entry booklet in February and another in March for the same amount for the EVENT option, which is higher than what we've been doing last year.  Like every event, CLAIM won't be active until after the initial weekend, we usually try to get it live by the first Tuesday or Wednesday.  Details on cost and what it all includes will be announced and placed in this thread once it goes live.  The GIFT option will be similar to what GIFTBOX offered, but double.

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