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Gemstone IV News

[Duskruin] New Shop Data & Items
Posted on 02/16/2024 11:44 AM CST by Webstaff

With Duskruin opening this weekend, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting changes and additions to the shops this run.

In the Shadows of the Sparrow (New Shop)This shop features the Fighting Fan on non-combat props, allowing for a less expensive purchase for the roleplaying aspects.

Skayl Mix (New Shop)- This shop features the new material Obskruul, which has new mechanics and lore.

Fancy Stance (New Script) - Appearing as a certificate in the shop Certified, Fancy Stance creates a purely fluff addition to your weapon that has specialized stance dancing messaging.  This script highlights the new offering of Flourishes.

Crafter's Tome (Script Update) - The Crafter's Tome has a new unlock available.

Just for Kicks (Shop Item Update) - Look out Cobblers, there's been an update to the cobbling box that may interest you!

Clockwerke Solutions (New Shop & Script) - This shop features pocketwatches!

Balance and Frenzy (New Shop & Script) - Featuring the weapon script by the sane name, Balance and Frenzy allows weilders to switch between offensive and defensive flares.

The Daily Grind (New Shop and Scripts) - Home of the new Sausage Maker, the Daily Grind is here to up your cooking game.  There is an addition to this new shop that offers a new cooking pan, new recipes, and a cutting board.

The Blood Red Rose (Shop Update) - Featuring Iasha Weapons, this shop has been updated with new weapon types and the coveted auction unlocks are now being sold in the shop.

Property Clock (New offering) - Private Property owners will be excited to learn that there is a new clock available for their properties.

The Right to Flare Arms (New Shop & Script) - This shop features gloves that provide additional flares on your attacks.  They are non-UCS system gloves.

New Attunement Offerings: Items in Shield Thyself and Curved Cuts will now allow for attunment purchasing.

All You Knead (Shop Update) - This shop will faeture new recipe cards for your pastry boxes.

Be Warez (Shop Update) - New Illusion pins are available now, while old ones have been moved to a backroom and can still be purchased.

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