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Gemstone IV News

[Lore Blurb] Lyrical Luck
Posted on 01/14/2024 09:56 PM CST by Webstaff

Lyrical Luck: The Discovery of Songstones

The guildmasters and researchers of Bard Guilds across Elanith have set the lands abuzz with news of a rare and wondrous discovery -- singing stones. These mystical gems, called songstones, possess extraordinary powers when in the hands of a trained bard. The delicate, crystalline form of the songstone resembles a cluster of pale green clover leaves, and it shimmers with an ethereal glow at the faintest touch of light. Rumors abound as to the location of these songstones, but the Guild itself remains silent.

The gossips of the bustling marketplace in Wehnimer's Landing claim they are found either beneath Darkstone Castle or buried in previously unexplored depths of nearby sea caves. Others in the Turamzzyrian Empire whisper rumors of Talador or Wyrdeep or from alchemical laboratories in Nydds, while dwarves robustly claim they had to have been mined by the very best (namely them). The elven nations have been more reticent; the Peacock Grapevine in Ta'Illistim murmurs that perhaps an expedition to Rhoska-Tor uncovered something, and still others wonder what may be hiding in the mountains around Evashir. Those more Arkati-inclined have been heard proclaiming these stones are a gift from Jastev or Tilamaire, or perhaps Cholen. Regardless, the end result is this -- a new, magical gem that bards can manipulate.

A statement from the Bard Guild led to additional information, and soon all were gossiping and spreading the word that songstones hold a unique ability to capture and amplify vibrations. If held with care, the songstone amplifies a resonant field which may encourage ordinary objects to be imbued with an extraordinary aura. It requires the deft hand and song of a bard, and they are drawn to the magical properties and can sense the potential within the songstone. According to the unconfirmed rumors, the first bards to hold songstones immediately sensed the potential within the stone to transform cherished items into personal lucky charms.

One of the first public displays of this new talent occurred in Wehnimer's Landing. With utmost care and reverence, a bard approached a customer and gently presented a songstone, explaining its mystical nature and inviting the customer to select a personal belonging which held deep significance for them. No instruments of war, the bard admonished, but something meaningful to the owner. The customer handed the bard a silver necklace. As the bard held the songstone and the necklace, she began to sing; the gem released a surge of vibrant energy that enveloped the keepsake with magic, transforming it into a lucky charm.

Perhaps the most memorable of these early demonstrations, however, was the customer who quickly removed a pair of socks when asked for a cherished and meaningful possession. With great aplomb, he presented the socks to the slightly taken aback bard, proclaiming them to already be lucky socks, but needing a bit more "touch o' the Cholen." Ever a professional, the bard sang to her songstone and the socks. Although a few jokesters in the crowd yelled out that the socks were definitely an instrument of a war (on the nostrils!), the songstone released its energy to transform even these humble socks.

These items were now imbued with a touch of luck, and once successfully inspired by a bard of sufficient skill, they would be bound to their owner's destiny as a lucky charm, a symbol of hope, resilience, and second chances.

After these exhibitions, audiences began clamoring for more lucky charms. Word spread like wildfire across Elanith, and bard guilds all began stocking up on these songstones for their members. While the actual origin of the stone remains a closely guarded secret, the Bard Guilds assure everyone that there is sufficient quantity to meet demand.

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