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Gemstone IV News

Active Games & Activities at Jirkil's Hilltop
Posted on 12/02/2023 12:37 PM CST by Webstaff

Active Games & Activities at Jirkil's Hilltop

Discord Message Link: Events & Activites at the Kindred Games
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 12/2/2023


Fighting Pits

  • Located through the gates at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800001), and then footpath.
  • These are like the Heldin Hall Fighting Pits
  • Eastern & Western Pits allow Magic
  • All others do not.
You will be healed for 100 silver, it will be applied as a fine, no need to carry silvers.

Arm Wrestling

  • Located in the building at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800004), this is the Hairless Rolton Tavern
  • North, South, East rooms all allow for arm wresting.
  • Join 1 person
  • Commands are PULL, PUSH, LEAN, or TWIST
  • LEAVE or CANCEL to stop wrestling

Merkarne's Gift Shop

  • Located in the cottage at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800006)
  • Use ORDER to see her wares
Then take your wares to the tailor in the Tartan Suite to get them customized

Patches of Snow

  • Located in a variety of locations.
  • GET snow to collect a handful of snow
  • ROLL snow to to make a snowball
  • You know what to do from here...
Have Fun!

Shield Slalom

  • Located through the gate at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800008)
  • SW is the viewing area.
  • South is the Finish
  • SE is Gertl, this is where the scoreboard is and the stairs to the slopes.
  • Ask Gertl for Help
WARNING: Be forewarned, you can die. But the grounds will raise you.
Pay attention to the hazards as you have to react.

Kilarkien's Clothing Shop

  • Located in the cottage at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800009)
  • use ORDER to see his wares
  • These are unscripted items
  • Take to the Tailor in the Tartan Suite to Customize

Drinking Game

  • Located in the Building at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800010)
  • This is Volstrun's Whetter
  • To join a game: SIT TABLE
  • Once you sit, the barmaid tells you what to do.
  • Need 2 people to play
  • Games are in the Entry, South, and East rooms

Tug of War

  • Located through the gate at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800011), go path
  • There are multiple fields
  • 2 players or more are needed
  • Once on a field, use the commands JOIN (TEAM COLOR)
  • Commands are given after joining
  • GO BENCHES to leave the arena

Hammer Throw

  • Located through the gate at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800002)
  • Go Range, Go Path
  • Pick a directional room

Caber Toss

  • Located through the gate at [Jirkirl's Hilltop, Fairground] (7800005)
  • go South twice, go field (there are several, you can go east for more)
  • ask referee about COMPETE
  • read the sign
WARNING: Cabers are heavy. You can tear your back muscles. You can stun yourself. You could even die.

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!