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Gemstone IV News

Duskruin Updates
Posted on 02/10/2023 07:34 PM CST by Webstaff


During all activities at Duskruin, you will have a chance to acquire a BOOST (arena and heist will be at the end of the run, and sewers will be during a random search). The chance will be based on a 1d250. If you get one, you will be granted one of the following BOOSTs.

  • Instant Mind Clearers
  • Item Superchargers
  • Luck Boosters
  • Long-Term Experience Boosts
  • Bounty Boosts

These will go to the character running the activity and will populate right on your BOOST information. It will not be a physical item that can be passed off. You can use the DUSKRUIN BOOST to select which one you will get when they happen or leave it at random.


Following in the footsteps of Ebon Gate, the sewers will have the floor increased from 15 to 28 and lowering the ceiling from 32 to 31, meaning you will earn between 28 and 31 bloodscrip. Caches will still be rewarded occasionally but will be rarer than the last run to make up for the average going from ~237 to ~295 pre-cache.


In talking about these updates, we discovered a few bugs that were left after the 2022 updates. With effort going in to equalize bloodscrip and silver rewards, the sewers will only produce a single LOOT, EXP, or EXTRA BLOODSCRIP drop per trip which was intended for the 2022 runs. Sewers will produce at least 11 searches. Your first search will always be your exp orb chance. Your sixth search will be your BOOST chance. Your ninth search will always be your LOOTINSTANT EXP, or EXTRA BLOODSCRIP reward. Lucky rabbit feet will increase your chances to get a smithy invite, bag of holding parts, or bloodrune stone and those searches also don't decrement your search totals if you get one.


The instant exp that is part of the DUSKRUIN REWARD feature has been increased from 15 to 20.


The Trove has been retired from pay events where the cost isn't silver-based. The Trove may still come around at silver-based events in the future, but it will no longer be part of Duskruin and Ebon Gate.


The Bank Heist will be retired as a voucher (booklet) entry activity after this run. I will be reusing the Bank Heist for something else entirely tentatively in August. It will have a different meaning when it is revamped into something new that you can do at Duskruin when the time comes. With that, the Bag of Holding drops will also be entirely retired after this run as well from getting one at Duskruin. Getting ways to expand your current Bag of Holding will still be possible, but it won't be a random drop anymore in any of the activities. No ETA for when it will return though.


The blood crystal drop rate will be increasing from .1% to .5%. This is a rare item to make the bag of holding. You can still sell it back, but the intent is to get more Bags of Holding out before they are retired from rotation.


We are going to make the disconnect 280 bloodscrip in the heist and arena (disconnecting in the sewers doesn't boot you). You will get no other rewards. If we notice this is being abused in any way, we will remove it and possibly warn/lockout everyone involved.


We've had an ongoing issue with the SIMUCOIN verb producing errors if you tried to rapidly DELIVER your transactions. There is now a 3-second soft roundtime using the SIMUCOIN DELIVER command, which includes just seeing your list. We will continue to investigate the issue to see what we can do to reduce this timer, but right now, the routine needs roughly 3 seconds to make sure it can communicate properly between the game and the database that verifies your purchases.

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