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A Special Invitation - Yuvi Qorit Beckons
Posted on 01/24/2022 05:24 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

Climbing to the peak of the dune, a veiled figure pauses and scans the horizon. After a critical eye at a set of distant dunes, the man sighs and sits near a rock formation. He takes a waterskin from his belt, lowers his veil, and indulges in a long pull from the neck.

"Are we nearly there?" another asks, approaching his side.

"Nearly; we must wait here a moment," replies the first.

With a small nod, the second man says, "I am excited to see one of your settlements. This is my first time being at a Tehir wedding. I truly can’t thank you enough, Zamtaui, for inviting me along."

Zamtaui smiles, a faint crinkle around his eyes the only indication of the gesture behind his veil. "You’re a funny man, scavenger," he responds, “I thought you’d enjoy viewing our traditions.”

The scavenger’s eyes glitter with excitement before they too wander across the horizon. "All I see is more dunes and rocks. You said it was near an oasis, but there’s nothing for miles," he remarks with a suspicious tone.

"All will be revealed in time. Have patience," says Zamtaui, a sense of knowing in his voice. His eyes shift, focusing on the group that is dismounting below to tend to the yierka.

A group of women can be heard conversing, though the words are unable to be made out at this distance. Several children can be seen running about playing some form of a game, their laughter ringing out across the arid air.

Zamtaui gazes up to the sun, watching it carefully for a moment before rising to his feet and scanning the horizon once more. "Scavenger, come. Watch just along that line of rock," he says, pointing as he pulls the man close so that their heads touch.

Following the digit’s guidance, the scavenger watches the area near a rock formation in the distance. He begins to open his mouth as if to say something, but suddenly a thin line of light crosses his vision. His eyes widen in surprise, a smile playing across his face.

Zamtaui chuckles softly and pats the scavenger on the back twice. Turning, he whistles loudly down towards the rest of the tribe, waving an arm in the direction they will travel. The scavenger stares towards the distant dunes a moment longer, mesmerized by the glittering light in the distance. Fingers twitching with excitement he quickly turns to follow the tribe, pinning his face covering back over his mouth and nose.

The Tehir tribe of Zamtaui will be holding a nuptial celebration at Yuvi Qorit, an Oasis deep in the Sea of Fire. Join the tribe as they make their pilgrimage, celebrate a marriage, and pay tribute to the honored couple.

There will be food and stories, Tehir wares for sale, and perhaps an opportunity to try your luck on a few raffles! Please come and join us for a celebration of life and renewal.

Grounds will open up for Platinum January 24 – 30th, Prime January 31-February 6th.

Wyrom, PM

Simutronics Corporation

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