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Gemstone IV News

Caligos Isle Storyline and Quest Information
Posted on 10/02/2021 12:35 AM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Once again, Ebon Gate will have multiple storylines and quests running at the same time.  But we will get more into that as we near the time...

As with last year, Multi-games, Fishing, Digging, and Trick-or-Treat is where you can find Quest Tokens. This year they will appear as a ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble. You can analyze them for information.

When you find the item, you can take part in the following quests with it:

A Tale of Desperation - Find the Ezreshi Olienne in the Caves of Caligos and ask her about the item.

A Tale of Love - Find the sailor Jothi in a small inlet and ask him about this item.

A Tale of Ownership - Find one of five priest(ess) on the island and give them this item. Once they bless it, you can analyze it again for additional information. Those individuals are:

Father Thombe - To support Ghezresh find him on Caligos Proper
Seer Veidae - To support Gosanae find them in A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent
Brother Aoden - To support Lorminstra find him in a Promise of Winter
Priestess Lucinne - To support Luukos find her in Mantle of the Elapid
(Redacted) (Redacted) – To support (redacted) find (redacted) on the (redacted) in the (redacted) (redacted).

A Tale of Salvation - Find the Warden Shaemire at the Jungle Coast on a Rickety Pier and ask him about this item.

(Prime Only) A Tale of Survival - Find the Wise Woman Omiko in the Fishing Village and ask her about this item.

Completing these quests are how you do two things:
1) Gain favor to unlock your Chelioboros Quest Prize for the final year.
2) Further the storyline of your choice towards the finale.

Remember, if you did not gain favor in years past you can catch up with the storylines.

Oh, yes, and I almost forgot!

We have heard your cries and pleas.

This year there are several NPCs that will accept your chelioboros quest reward and transform it by pulling some of Gherzresh’s influence out of it and putting some of their deity’s influence into it. This can be done exactly ONCE and to help facilitate your choices in this matter, the lovely GM Xeraphina is collecting all the messaging and placing it on the wiki for us. Once this task is done, we will make another announcement. However, here is a small teaser:

If you give your chelioboros quest reward to...

Brother Aoden, then he will put Lorminstra’s influence into it. (messaging by GM Gyres)
Priestess Lucinne, then she will put Luukos’ influence into it. (messaging by GM Auchand)
Seer Veidae, then they will put Goseana’s influence into it. (messaging by GM Xayle)
Warden Shaemire, then he will put Imaera’s influence into it. (messaging by GM Xynwen)
Wise Woman Omiko, then she will put Charl’s influence into it. (messaging by GM Haliste)
Artist Keilipso, then she will put Zelia’s influence into it. (messaging by GM Thandiwe)
(Redacted) (Redacted), then (redacted) will put (redacted)’s influence into it. (messaging by Xynwen)

Many thanks to GM Haliste for handling the coding-end of that.

The bracelet will maintain all verbs that have been released from year 1 to year 4, as well as gain the 5th year increase in uses.

Like the original quest reward design, in order to gain the Sheer Fear Boost, you must be CONVERTed to the deity of its influence.

If you do not convert your chelioboros quest reward to a new deity, then you will gain two new verbs: Scream and Turn

If you would like to learn more about the quest reward, then please feel free to visit here:

The quest reward can be purchased for 250,000 silvers from in a box in the Temple at the top of the Isle of Caligos, [Granite Temple, Altar]. Please remember, this is the last Ebon Gate that you can obtain this item. The year five benefits do not go into effect until Ebon Gate has concluded.

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