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Gemstone IV News

Posted on 10/09/2020 06:14 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM


Caligos offers…

  • Over twenty new shops.
  • Over fifty shops with refreshed items
  • New Game!  Shucking for Pearls!  Visit Sal and rummage through his cultured oysters for rare pearls!  New jewelry items let you mix and match your pearls to create unique pieces.  Find the rare shimmering pearl to unlock their hidden ability!
  • Blast from the Past! Trick or Treating returns to Ebon Gate this year with a new twist!  Roam around the familiar, though a bit worse for wear, hallways of a classic, and knock on the guest’s doors!  Will you get a trick, or will you be tricked?

 Returning to Caligos this year…

  • Fishing!  With new Spell Customizations and Spell Preparation Phrases to find!
  • An Auto Flarer!  Find flare tokens in the isle’s games and bring them to the flarer to add to your favorite weapon!
  • Treasure Trove!  The trove will return with new finds for everyone to enjoy!
  • Hunting the Arena of the Abyss! Charge your necrotic ring by slaughter undead on the Eyot in the underground caverns found only on Caligos Isle.
  • ...and plenty more! 

Looking for live games?

  • The calendar abounds with Live Games at Caligos Isle!


Opening Night and Discovery Week - October 2nd, 9:00pm*  - October 9th, 8:59pm

Shopping                                      - October 2nd, 9:00pm    - October 31st, 10:00pm

Games                                          - October 10th, 12:00pm - October 31st, 12:00pm

Platinum's Merchant Week              - October 9th, 9:00pm     - October 15th, 8:59pm

Prime's Merchant Week                  - October 16th, 9:00pm    - October 23rd, 8:59pm

* All times in Eastern. *

Be sure to check the wiki and forums for details!  Access the SimuCoin Store for entry passes!

Are you ready to return to Caligos Isle?


Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!