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Gemstone IV News

Posted on 08/10/2020 02:13 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

The Sewers Are Calling...

It's almost time for the festivities! Duskruin Arena preparations are nearly complete, and merchants have begun excitedly setting up their wares, eager to bring their rare treasures to you!

But beneath the grounds, in the labyrinthine walls of the sewers, faint whispers are echoing throughout the dark corridors.

The rats are gathering...but they don't all appear as they once did before.

New Bloodrune Discovered!

Hidden somewhere within the treasures of the sewers, the heist, and the arena, a new legendary bloodrune can be found.  This bloodrune is a tribute to the past, to the beginning, to the place where we all got our start!  When properly placed within a moonshard pendant, the owner will appear as a Giant Rat.

Will you be the next Spike?

New Rats Lurking!

Several new species of rats can be found in the sewers, some with glowing eyes and rabid looks to them!  Be careful when handling them, though they seem friendly enough to keep at your side!  Wearing rat pheromones will help in your search!


UPDATES to the High End Scrip Shop


  • Xazkruvrixis  ore
  • Enhancive Removing
  • Briar Flares
  • Dispel Potency
  • DB Enchanting
  • Sigil Staff
  • Sprite Weapon
  • Mana-infused Armor


  •  Flare Adding
  • Enhancive Boosts
  • ASG Changes
  • Voln Armor Unlocks
  • ...and many more scrip shop favorites!

The Merchants at Duskruin have been very busy to bring you…

  • At the Ready – Would you love to have your animate better equipped?  Now you can with a device from the new shop At the Ready!
  • Curved Cuts – Making their debut, the Curved Cut Chakram will be spinning through the air for your hurling and thrown enjoyment!
  • Energy Weapons – The Energy Runestaves have been updated and now allow for almost all held weapon bases.  This includes runestaves, bows, crossbows, OHB, OHE, polearms, two-handed weapons.
  • Essenctials – Ever hoped to take a defense pylon home with you?  Now you can!  Visit Essenctials to purchase your very own hand-pylon and throws the elements, like caution, to the wind.
  • Librarium Annex – Now even more chapters, books, and topics can be added to your own books.  Explore these changes to create your own unique novel!
  • Madder Hats – For something a little more classy, visit this Tea House for the unique and new teacups that are available for sale
  • Mechanical Crossbow – Two more tiers have been made available for the mechanical crossbow.  One will allow your attached quiver to house 5 bolts, while the other will release a deadly, immobilizing net flare.
  • The First Rule  Built as an extension to Sprite Club, the First Rule will be debuting the much anticipated Sprite Armor.
  • Untamed Spirit – Animalistic Spirit weapons and shields will debut this season at Duskruin.  These completely new weapons and shields are imbued with the spirit of a wild animal.
  • And more

Duskruin Begins on Friday, August 14th at 9:00PM (ET)!

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