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Gemstone IV News

Rumor Woods: Battle of the Coney and the Tortoise
Posted on 06/19/2020 02:35 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Rumor Woods

The Return of the Grand Tourney!

It had been almost a year since the last Grand Tourney, but the buzz of the events that took place in Rumor Woods were still circulating in courts, halls, and campfires across the lands. Diriko and Siethidi watched eagerly, seated upon their giant tortoise mounts, as the last of the victorious phoenix pennants were replaced with snowy white coney pennants and virescent tortoise pennants. Soon the joust would begin, and a new victor would be named.

The Battle of the Coney and the Tortoise

This season's theme highlights the coney and the tortoise, and is reflected in the motif of the Rumor Woods grounds, with continued jousting adventures for both participants and spectators. Adventurers from all corners of Elanthia will soon arrive to take part in the festivities.

Jousting hopefuls must choose which side they will ride for — the Coney or the Tortoise. They will then don traditional jousting gear, saddle up on their steed of choice, and prepare for battle! Wins will be tallied toward your faction's total, and once the event ends, those aligned with the winning side will receive not only bragging rights, but new titles as well! All participants in the Grand Tourney will receive currency + incidental loot just for participating - win or lose!

Summit Academy

Refine intricate details about YOU. Hundreds of customizations are available, including some brand new options for teleportation spells! Body features, swears, signature verbs, spell preps - the Academy has them all.

The Fox Hunt

If jousting isn't your style, mayhaps a jaunt through the forest will delight! You'll need to bring a sharp eye to locate the elusive fox, but there's plenty of other fauna to find in Rumor Woods. Discoveries yield rewards - and you might find a bugle along the way to summon your own pet fox!

Last season's merchants are returning with updated merchandise, and new merchants are flocking to Rumor Woods to share their wares! New releases include cloaks with resistance, Greater Surita unlock certificate, interactive tattoos, white alloy weapons, horsey sticks, interactive spell prep items, warpaint for tortoise shells, new themed paint sticks, horse braids, new stall items, and so much more!


No longer must you walk from town to town. You can take a load off your feet and ride to your destination! Choose a horse or a pony, a giant tortoise or a cryptodira. Hundreds of customization options are available from The Ostler's Den, so you should be able to have a mount that is tailor-made just for you.


Mount stall overhauls are coming to a stable near you. Bring your friends (sans mount) into your stall for a chat. Use magic inside your stall to prepare for battle AND if you have secured the FAST TRAVEL ability, you can use this from your stall! Fill your stall with new functional decor -- a bench or a chair, or maybe even a storage chest!

The Battle of the Coney and the Tortoise begins TONIGHT at 9:00PM (ET)!

Simutronics Corporation

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