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Gemstone IV News

Posted on 08/09/2019 11:37 AM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

The Abyss


Sulfurous fumes hang in the air like lifeless bodies trapped in a noose, the rancid scent seeping out into the surrounding area and cutting off all escape from the Abyss' unearthed secrets. This otherworldly plane has existed hidden underneath Duskruin Arena for countless ages, but the seal on the door was broken. Now a mysterious chest has appeared. What secrets are within?

The Treasure Trove Makes a Triumphant Return!

The Trove will now use tokens that you use to bid on extravagant treasure. If your name is drawn, you win! No hoops to jump through, no bloodscrip costs to worry about! Each token will have 3 uses, so if you don't win, you can try again when the next item is up for bid. If you win, your token is the only payment!

Updates to the Arena, Sewers, Heist, and Shops

  • RPA orbs will now drop in all three activities. The more you run each activity, the better chance you have at finding one!
  • All three activities can now reward a Treasure Trove token.
  • Bloodscrip is now added directly to your totals for easier access.
  • Arena Updates: Max bloodscrip increased to 275.
  • Sewer Updates: Max bloodscrip increased 12 to 25 per search. A new legendary bloodrune, the Abyran'ra, can be discovered. Bandit caches will hit more frequently!
  • Heist Updates: Max bloodscrip has increased to 260. You can now get invited to the smithy from completing the Heist.
  • Shops Updates: Majority of shops across Bloodriven Village have refreshed wares.

New Items in the High End Scrip Shop!

  • Chainspear Certificates
  • Heal (all) Tokens
  • Add VolnArmor to preexisting armor
  • Add IthzirArmor to preexisting armor
  • Extraplanar Bane
  • Bane boosts
  • ..and so much more!

An Unforgettable Adventure Arrives 8/9 At 9:00PM (ET)

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