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Gemstone IV News

Our Best Deal Returns!
Posted on 06/12/2019 09:03 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Reactivate Today!

Our Best Deal Returns! Reactivate For FREE!

Adventurers! In order to kick off the summer right, we’re bringing back our best deal ever. Starting today, any player who has been away from GemStone IV for more than 60 days can reactivate their account and receive a Premium subscription for 90 days for FREE! That’s right, you can pick up with your favorite character right where they left off for the entire summer for FREE!

Just head to our reactivation page and use code GSBACK4SUMMER19 to get 90 days of GemStone IV Premium for FREE!

GemStone IV has a summer packed with fun activities and storylines, with tons of exciting ways to participate!

  • Mounts are released! Debuting at Rumor Woods starting June 1st through June 16th, horses, mares, stallions, chargers, cobs, and nightmare steeds can be purchased from the Grand Stable located at the festival grounds.
  • The Elven Nations has reached out in aid to the Human Empire, ushering in a rare potential era of mutual respect. Valley of Gold will be the first such meeting between the elven ruler and human emperor, and grandly sets the stage for political intrigue and cultural advancement. The event centers around a dignified treaty signing, which will shape Elanith's societal atmosphere and have lasting effects throughout the elven and human empires for a long time to come. Join the festivities and witness the treat signin beginning June 20th through the 23rd!
  • All are invited to Windfellow's Retreat! This year's Premium Festival will be an all-new venue, with new merchants, and a unique storyline. Running dates are scheduled for August 23rd through August 30th, in both Platinum and Prime. The grounds will be located off the coast of Four Winds Isle, and more details will be forthcoming. But for now, mark your calendars!

Reactivating today gets you free access to these exciting events and more! This offer code is only valid through Friday, July 10th, 2019. Don’t delay!

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Adventure Is Calling!

Only accounts closed for 60 days are eligible.

*After the free trial ends your monthly premium subscription will continue at the normal price, but you can cancel at any time. If you wish to continue playing your character, but do not want to pay for Premium, you can downgrade to a basic subscription, but any characters that were originally F2P characters cannot go back to F2P.

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