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Gemstone IV News

Posted on 02/12/2019 12:20 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM



Starting Friday, February 15th at 9pm ET

Entombed by his own hand, a solitary monk's fate was sealed by meticulous placement of the final stones; guaranteed to give safety from the impending flood, but destined to protect only him.  

His grave was left hidden for centuries under Duskruin Arena...until recently when adventurers pickaxed their way through the rock in hopes to find buried treasure.  

Through an ancient passageway, they found an aperture sealed off from the outside world.  What secrets joined him in his temple grave?  What did he know that only the brave and determined will find out?

Wagons will depart for Bloodriven Village on the Day of the Huntress to discover what mystery is to be unearthed underneath Duskruin Arena.  Bring something heavy and help bash through the rubble to unlock the unique history of the dwarves. Perhaps you’ll be able to walk away with some treasure lost to the abyss of time as well!

It's business as usual throughout the bustling village.  Join the Silent Investors, Poisoned Heretics, or Ophidian Cabal in each of their missions concerning the Bank Heist.  Battle fierce opponents on the bloodstained sands of Duskruin Arena.  Plunder the riches from end-to-end in the rat-filled sewers.  Amass bloodscrip to use in the freshly stocked high-end scrip shop or in the vast marketplace.

Arena Updates:

  • Dodging traps no longer impacts earnings, but will continue to keep you safe.
  • Creatures are automatically removed from the arena when slain.
  • Scoring is no longer slowed down when new creatures are summoned in.
  • Shimmering Indigo orb drop rates are greatly increased for Premium subscribers.  The drop rates are significantly increased in both the Platinum and Shattered instances.
  • Warcry vocal stress will now be healed upon exiting the arena.

Sewers Updates:

  • Raised the lowest amount of bloodscrip that can be found per search from 8 to 10.
  • Increased the lowest amount of bloodscrip that can be found in a cache from 1600 to 2500.
  • Increased the frequency of caches.

Bank Heist Updates:

  • Ophidian Cabal’s loot quantity more balanced with Silent Investors and Poisoned Heretics.
  • Timer paused during boss battle.

High-end Scrip Shop New Inventory:

  • Shield Resizing
  • Spell Knowledge Enhancives
  • The return of zelnorn, kroderine, and adamantine...with a twist.
  • Low steel and high steel.
  • Self mana magical items
  • Greater Undead Bane
  • ...and more!


Hop on a wagon or board a schooner to join the action.  If you’re hard pressed for time, simply type QUEST TRANSPORT!  Be sure to have a stamped voucher to get started!

The adventure starts this Friday, February 15th at 9pm ET. What will YOU discover in the Unearthed Temple?

Simutronics Corporation

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