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Gemstone IV News

Ebon Gate 5118
Posted on 09/28/2018 11:14 AM CDT by SIMU-WYROM


Shopping Passes on sale October 1st at 9pm ET!
Games and Raffles & Services passes on sale October 5th at 9pm ET!

Life on Caligos Isle has flourished in the intervening year, but the sailors and craftsmen that return from her shores whisper.  Secrets they can barely bring themselves to tell, with lips that tremble beneath hollow eyes. It's as if they fear Caligos herself listens, that the malevolence that has washed their skin ashen has followed them home.

In the rhythmic breaking of waves on the shore, there's something soothing in the sea.  Constant. Dependable. But beyond the white caps, beneath the foam, what lurks that could so trouble the hearts of merchant mariners?

Travel back to Caligos Isle, set your foot upon her shores, and find out for yourself.  The answers are there for the asking. The villagers that inhabit the festival grounds, the spirits that inhabit the land itself.  They will tell you...

...If you dare to ask.

Enjoy the return of some of your most loved raffles and services, all which will be available during Merchant Week!

• Animal companions customizations
• Bard sonics alterations
• Weighting and padding services
• Signature verbs
• Enchanting
• Rare material weapons and armor
• Customized perfumes
• Enhancive protection
• Lockpick repair
• Sorcerer rune teaching
• Custom nightmares
• Glamour tattoos
• Enhancive adding
• Custom TRANSFER messaging
• Script unlocking (shop wares)
• Rune teachings
• VolnArmor (sale and unlock)
• General alters, feature alters, tattoos
• ...and much more!

And enjoy some new faces!

• Auto-flarer NPC
• Magic item combiner NPC
• New multi-games with more rooms
• Diving competition
• New shops
• New scripts
• New NPCs
• Expanding storyline and quest

Entry into Ebon Gate

No tickets are required to enjoy the festivities at Ebon Gate -- buy into the event at the level you choose. Passes are available in three types: shopping, services, and games!

Deep Sea Diving

Test your diving skills in the Abandoned Waters surrounding Caligos Isle. Swim around in shallow areas, or choose to head to deeper waters, but beware of obstacles that terrorize the deep! Save your harpoons, bellows, and fishing nets, as they’ll prove to be quite useful. What treasure might you find as you swim to deeper waters?

Beach Digging, Games, Fishing, and Cliff Diving

A long-time favorite, digging will be available on the island.  Grab a shovel, and start digging through the dark sands of Black Sand Beach to dig up buried treasure. Venture through the sea caverns to find mini-games that you can play for silvers.

Brush up on your fishing knowledge, and fish to your heart’s content in the tidal pools of the sea caverns. The fish have apparently done some diving of their own, and managed to eat many of the treasures lurking along the bottom of the Abandoned Waters!

Be the best of the best! Only a select few will be known as Caligos Diving Champions -- claim the top-scoring positions between now and the end of Jastatos!

Mist Survivor: Delve into crypts filled with mysterious mist; those who stay too long will surely perish.  Be the last one out amongst participants to claim victory!

Passes go on sale October 1st (Shopping) and October 5th (Games/Raffles & Services) at 9pm ET! Ebon Gate remains open through the entire month with exciting new activities to do throughout the event. Live games, quests, and more! You will not want to miss out! See the FESTIVAL command in game for a schedule!


Are you ready to return to Caligos Isle?
Ebon Gate sets sail in just a few days.

Simutronics Corporation

Go Play!