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Gemstone IV News

Lost in Delirium Manor
Posted on 08/15/2018 03:20 PM CDT by SIMU-WYROM

Lost in Delirium Manor


Opens Friday, August 17th, at 9pm ET

Reports of Toymaker Whax continued to surface.   As he traveled along the Locksmehr River, however, his trail went cold toward the DragonSpine Mountains.  There wasn’t any sign of him or his dollhouse…

...until an invitation was found inside a treasure chest…

“Come one, come all, Delirium Manor will be the experience of a LIFETIME!  I, Toymaker Whax, have convinced the coachmen and boatswains to bring you all to Bloodriven Village to marvel at my magnificent creation!  Bring the enclosed pass and see it for yourself!”

Explore Delirium Manor and experience Toymaker Whax’s world for yourself.  Search through dismembered doll parts to discover treasures and various heirlooms that will be desired by adventurers across Elanthia.  Lightening and deepening notes will also return! Construct a doll, and if you’re fortunate enough to locate a membranous grey core, bring it to life!  There is even a chance to find bloodscrip as you rifle through the dollhouse!

Several key updates to Delirium Manor have enhanced the experience.

  • Improvements to item management.

    • Doll accessories have shifted into a ticket shop.  

    • Common and uncommon treasure has moved into a random prize pull.

  • Bloodscrip can be rewarded while located in Bloodriven Village.

  • New JACKPOT items.

Wagons and schooners will be available starting at 9pm ET this Friday across Elanthia.  You can also use the QUEST TRANSPORT to instantly teleport to Bloodriven Village.  You will want to locate the toy chest to make your way to Delirium Manor!

Get Lost in Delirium Manor -- August 17th until the 26th!  Passes go on sale at the 9pm ET!

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