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Gemstone IV News

The Quest Nexus
Posted on 02/06/2018 01:17 PM CST by SIMU-WYROM

Welcome to the Quest Nexus!
The Quest Nexus is a new and exciting place where adventurers can gather and set out on their favorite quests!

How do I get to the Quest Nexus?
The Quest Nexus can be accessed by purchasing a token from the SimuCoin Store. Once you have a token you can RAISE it or use the QUEST NEXUS command to teleport yourself to the timeless Nexus. No longer will you need to visit the box office to attend! The Quest Nexus is always available and ready to send you to your demise!

What is the Quest Nexus?
The Quest Nexus is a timeless place where different realities and periods of time are joined. The Nexus allows you to enter any of the converted box office quests from the same location.

What Quests are available in the Quest Nexus?
The only quest that is current converted is Night at the Academy. In the near future we will be converting Black Swan Castle and Troubled Waters to also be accessible from the Nexus.

How much does it cost?
You will be able to buy a single token for 1000 SimuCoins. This token will be consumed upon entering a quest from the Nexus or its physical entrance.

How do I know if a quest is active or not?
You can use the QUEST STATUS command or LOOK at your token. This will tell you if a quest is in progress or if it is available for questing.

What prizes are there?
The prizes remain the same from the previous box office iterations.

Check out the SimuCoin Store for a swirling nexus orb to get started!

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